In Russia, tomatoes have doubled in price over the year

The limited supply of greenhouse tomatoes on the Russian market allows local factories to actively raise prices for these products, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. Note that the rise in prices for greenhouse tomatoes in Russia has been continuing for the third week in a row.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, today Russian greenhouse plants offer tomatoes for sale at 100-150 rubles / kg ($ 1.39-2.09 / kg), which is on average 11% more expensive than at the end of the last working week.

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As noted by market players, supplies of greenhouse tomatoes from local plants are currently low-volume and unstable. Thus, a number of farms have already announced the completion of the sale of products from the previous turnover. In the rest of the stationary greenhouses, the ripening of tomatoes slowed down significantly due to the cold snap, and supplies from greenhouse greenhouses stopped altogether. Moreover, it has not yet been possible to compensate for the lack of supply of local greenhouse vegetables at the expense of imported products.

We add that as a result of the rise in price today, prices for greenhouse tomatoes in the Russian Federation are already 2.3 times higher on average than in the first half of October 2020. At the same time, producers intend to further increase prices in this segment, provided that the current sales rates are maintained, explaining their decision by the limited supply of greenhouse tomatoes from local plants.