In Russia, Poland and Belarus prices for onion have decreased. Market Overview Week 31 2020

In Russia, Poland and Belarus prices for onion have decreased. Market Overview Week 31 2020


Onions fell in price in Russia, Poland and Belarus, but slightly increased in price in Georgia

According to EastFruit, this week prices for onion have decreased in three countries that are regularly monitored by the project, and slightly increased in Georgia.

Onion prices as of Jul 31, 2020

Market operators almost universally reported both the growing supply of onions and frequent problems with their quality, due to which sales were inactive and the demand for products was below average. Thus, prices for onion this week in most cases either decreased or remained at the previous, relatively low levels. So, the most significant problems with the sale of onions were reported by producers Of Russia: some were actually ready to distribute their products from the field to everyone free of charge. In just a week, onion in Russia has lost more than 10% in price, and at the end of the reporting period, prices have already reached $ 0.12-0.22 / kg.

The issue of the availability of quality products on the market was also relevant in Belarus and Poland. The former continued to hold the lead in prices for these products, although this week sellers more and more often had to revise them downward. Most often, transactions for the sale of onion in Belarus were concluded at $ 0.27 / kg, although prices for high-quality products still reached $ 0.33 / kg. IN Poland the lower limits of the price range were mainly revised, and at the end of the week onions were offered here from $ 0.16 / kg.

The most attractive prices for buyers, as well as a week earlier, were fixed in Tajikistan and Ukraine… In the first, as before, these products were offered from $ 0.05 / kg. Meanwhile, on the Ukrainian market, the average onion price remained at $ 0.11 / kg, but the lower limits of the range dropped to $ 0.09 / kg. Note also that in Moldova prices for the week practically did not change, remaining at the level of $ 0.18-0.24 / kg, and in Georgiadue to interruptions in the supply of onion, they even rose slightly on average to $ 0.20 / kg.

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