In Poland, prices for industrial raspberries remain stable despite a decline in harvest

In Poland, prices for industrial raspberries remain stable despite a decline in harvest


Raspberry harvest in Poland will be much lower than last year due to unfavorable weather conditions

In Poland, the harvest of raspberries, as well as other berries this season, is delayed due to a slowdown in the growing process in spring, analysts of the EastFruit project report with reference to the fresh-market website. Therefore, the campaign to buy raspberries for the industry is still in its early stages.

In the current season, prices for frozen raspberries have remained stable so far. The harvest of these berries will be much lower than last year’s due to unfavorable weather conditions. The limited supply of raspberries for industrial processing stabilizes prices in this segment. So, today the prices for raspberries for processing are formed in the range of 5.00-6.00 zlotys / kg ($ 1.33-1.59 / kg). This price level is comparable to last year, except that then purchase prices had to rise to this level, since they were initially low.

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At the moment, prices for industrial raspberries are much higher than in the 2018 season, which was disastrous for the producers of this berry, then there were a lot of raspberries and not only in Poland. According to the producers themselves, today’s prices for industrial berries are encouraging, but only for those who were able to preserve the raspberry harvest in the current season.


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