In Moldova, the price for early red grapes is twice as high as for white grapes

In Moldova, the price for early red grapes is twice as high as for white grapes


Winegrowers of Moldova started mass harvesting and sale of early varieties of grapes from open plantations

Moldovan winegrowers have begun mass harvesting and marketing of early varieties of grapes from open plantations (not from greenhouses). The harvest this year, due to the relatively cool May, ripened a little later than usual. At the same time, as the operators of the fruit and berry market note, a relatively large number of products go on sale at the same time. At the moment, most of it is sold on the domestic market, only better quality products are exported. Therefore, the level of average, “working” prices at the start of the season went down sharply. Thus, at the end of July, the wholesale price for early white table grapes dropped to 12-20 lei / kg ($ 0.72-1.14 / kg), for red grapes it is still at the level of 20-25 lei / kg ($ 1, 14-1.43 / kg).

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The Association of Table Grape Producers of the Republic of Moldova notes that a significant difference in prices for white and red table grapes (in favor of the latter) has been observed for many years. Only in recent years, gradually, as the export of early grapes to the European Union increases, the popularity of white varieties is growing. However, this year there is no significant export of grapes, in particular, to the markets of Romania and Poland.

And the CIS countries, especially Russia, traditionally prefer red grapes (consumer stereotype: “if red, then it’s definitely ripe”). The most popular (both on the domestic and foreign markets) early Moldovan grapes – “Codreanka”. The variety has very good organoleptic characteristics, but is prone to peas, as well as uneven color of the bunches. This factor also affects the quality of products in the current year.


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