In Moldova, prices for apples from last year’s harvest have exhausted their growth potential

In Moldova, prices for apples from last year’s harvest have exhausted their growth potential


Moldovan agricultural producers have low commodity resources of low quality apple, as they actively got rid of such products in December-January

Despite the fact that by the beginning of the last week of February, compared with the situation in the middle of the month, the minimum and maximum prices for apples in Moldova had increased slightly (by about 1 lei / kg), most of the export quality products are still sold at no more than 11- 13 lei / kg ($ 0.65-0.77 / kg). Moreover, employees of the marketing services of the associations of agricultural producers and large trading companies note that they no longer see serious grounds for counting on a tangible increase in the average, “working” price for the apple-crop 2019.

On the one hand, the Moldovan market is still quite active intermediaries, procurers and traders. However, they are looking for offers of red apples of “standard” quality at a relatively low price – “so that they fit within the range of 45-50 rubles per kilogram of goods in bulk on the Russian market.” As a constraining factor, buyers noted the presence on the Russian market of a cheap alternative – the Iranian apple, which entered the Russian market in early February in large quantities.

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But on the other hand, the commodity resources of low-quality apples from Moldovan agricultural producers are already small, since they actively got rid of such products in December-January. By the end of February, in the refrigerators of Moldovan horticultural enterprises, even the remaining “Idared” can be classified as relatively good (in the criteria of the Russian market) export quality. There is a demand for such an apple from exporting traders, but its prices are already stagnating or rising insignificantly. In this situation, gardeners-sellers, in turn, are looking for alternative distribution channels, however, they are hesitant to restrain the shipment of products to the Russian market.


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