In Moldova, prices are expected to increase for the main vegetables of borscht set

In Moldova, prices are expected to increase for the main vegetables of borscht set


During the second decade of March, onions and beets rose on average by 1.0-1.5 lei / kg ($ 0.07-0.10 / kg)

According to representatives of the Association of Potato Breeders of Moldova, in the second decade of March, the average wholesale price for this product in the country increased by about 0.5-1.0 lei / kg to 7 lei / kg ($ 0.46 / kg). Similarly, the situation with prices for onions and beets developed, which on average rose even a little more – by 1.0-1.5 lei / kg ($ 0.07-0.10 / kg). At the same time, operators of the local fruit and vegetable market claim that wholesale traders of all sizes receive many requests for the purchase of potatoes from network retailers who seek to replenish their stocks. Earlier, the administration of a number of supermarket chains issued statements about the availability in warehouses of a minimum of monthly commodity food resources and the ability to cover increased demand for it.

Two weeks earlier, the Moldovan fruit and vegetable market operators assumed that, given the small stocks of domestic potatoes and the active supply of good quality European potatoes at reduced prices, the country’s domestic market would also experience at least stagnation or even a reduction in the price of this product. However, as quarantine measures were introduced, demand and prices for potatoes, contrary to previous forecasts, rose.

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Traders explain the even more pronounced rise in onion both by high demand, fueled by philistine stereotypes (“onions and garlic – a powerful means of preventing infectious diseases”), and by the fact that the domestic market is completely dependent on imports of onions in a given period.

As the transport and logistics problems with the supply of root crops through checkpoints on the border of the Republic of Moldova increase, prices for root crops will continue to rise. Only how active and quick this process will turn out to depend on the actions of the country’s authorities.


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