In Iran, the date crop grew by 20%

In Iran, the date crop grew by 20%


Iran annually grows up to 1.2 million tons of various types of dates

In the current 1398 Iranian year (started March 21, 2019), according to the National Association (NAID), in Iran, the date crop is 20% more than the previous one – 1.5 million tons.

As noted in the association, good rainfall contributed to crop growth. At the same time, the country’s farmers were faced with the problem of selling the crop, which is associated with the regulation of prices for dates by the government.

According to the head of NAID, the market should regulate prices, not officials.

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Up to 1.2 million tons of various types of dates are cultivated in Iran annually, most of which are exported, notes with reference to Asian Fruits.

So, last year the country sold abroad more than 300 thousand tons of dates for $ 400 million. During the 1396 Iranian calendar year, more than 253 thousand tons of dates were exported from Iran to 86 foreign countries. The value of exported dates exceeded $ 250 million.

Earlier, EastFruit reported that the first bulk consignments of fresh apple from Iran entered the Uzbek market. The small wholesale price for an Iranian apple in the wholesale market of Tashkent does not exceed 10 thousand Uzbek soms (a little more than $ 1 per kg) with relatively high quality indicators, which makes it possible to sell products well. Trial deliveries of Iranian apples turned out to be quite successful, because prices and quality for products are at a competitive level.


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