In 2019, Ukraine increased the export of berries to Switzerland by 7 times

In 2019, Ukraine increased the export of berries to Switzerland by 7 times


Ukrainian suppliers are increasing the export of berries to the Swiss market, which is a very important reputation for negotiations on export to other countries

According to EastFruit analysts, Ukraine continues its active expansion into the European market of fresh and frozen berries. In particular, in just a year, Ukrainian suppliers increased the supply of frozen and fresh berries to the Swiss market by more than seven times. And although the total amount of export revenue is not very large, it is deliveries of berries to Switzerland that are very indicative and important.

Switzerland, not being a member of the European Union, has its own, much more stringent market access rules for other countries. It has increased requirements for the safety and quality of the products supplied and imposes high duties on the supply of fruits and berries and regulates them with quotas, trying to maintain its own producer. Nevertheless, Ukrainian suppliers continue to increase supplies of products to the Swiss market, which is a very important reputation for negotiations on export to other countries.

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Deliveries of frozen berries remain the main article in Ukraine’s berry export, and the supply of frozen wild blueberries remains the leader in this segment. Moreover, Ukraine exports to Switzerland mainly organic berries, certified according to the most stringent organic standard in the world, Bio Suisse. In 2019, Ukrainian suppliers earned about $ 1.7 million, or seven times more than in 2018, from the supply of frozen blueberries to Switzerland. In physical terms, exports amounted to 475 tons.

Noteworthy is the increase in the export of frozen Ukrainian raspberries to Switzerland. Over the year, exports of these products grew 6.4 times to $ 0.5 million, and the volume of exports amounted to 286 tons.

Approximately the same (six times) increased and the export of fresh Ukrainian blueberries. After trial lots exported in 2018, in 2019 Ukraine began shipping the first commercial lots of fresh blueberries. So in 2020 we can expect further growth in supplies.

In 2019, for the first time, Ukrainian exporters were able to supply frozen garden strawberries to the Swiss market. The volume of exports amounted to 69 tons in the amount of $ 103 thousand.

At the same time, a sharp decline in walnut exports from Ukraine to Switzerland in 2019 is noteworthy. Shipments fell from 91 tons a year earlier to 18 tons last year.

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