How much can you earn on blueberries from quality storage? (video)

How much can you earn on blueberries from quality storage? (video)


Proper storage makes it possible to sell products at the best price at a time when there is a demand for it, and not when everyone sells it

The local blueberry season in Ukraine is in full swing. Most of the Ukrainian producers conclude contracts at full speed and are engaged in the sale of their berries both in the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, today the prices for “blue berries” in Ukraine are an order of magnitude higher than a year earlier, which cannot but please farmers. So, at the end of June, Ukrainian producers ship blueberries at an average price of 130-150 UAH / kg ($ 4.7-5.4 per kg) / For comparison, a year earlier, wholesale prices for this berry varied within 80-120 UAH / kg.

Nevertheless, despite the relatively high prices, manufacturers complain about the presence of unscrupulous sellers who sell blueberries at low prices.

For example, Maxim Savenko, owner of the BlueberrySavenko berry business, said on his Facebook page that last weekend, blueberry sellers in Kiev sold their products at wholesale prices.

“I live near the Stolichny market in Kiev. Last weekend I saw a rather interesting picture: many sellers were selling blueberries at retail at wholesale prices. It looked like this: people came from afar, got tired, and decided to quickly sell their products. It is not right. Experienced sellers at such a moment stop trading and hide their products in refrigerators. But many farmers simply don’t have refrigerators. Therefore, I would like to contact the manufacturers. Learn to market your products. And for this, even small farms need to build refrigerators ”, – emphasizes the need for industrial storage facilities Maxim Savenko.
This position is also supported by Anatoly Bogdan, director of the Insolar-Kholod company, which specializes in the construction of refrigerated warehouses.

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“For the successful sale of blueberries, it is not enough to grow high-quality berries, it is necessary to ensure high-quality storage. Storage blueberries are harvested slightly unripe. In addition, not all blueberry varieties can be kept fresh – only late ones. If all the necessary conditions are met, blueberries can be stored in storage facilities with RGS for up to 2-2.5 months, ”Anatoly Bogdan reports on the intricacies of blueberry storage.

The expert also noted that such storage makes it possible to sell products at the best price at a time when there is demand for it, and not when everyone sells it.

“The advantage of blueberries is that the berries are shipped in large quantities. Storage chambers can be built 15-20 tons each. And it will be noticeably cheaper than using the Palliflex storage system, where each pallet is covered separately. Of course, not everyone can build such storage facilities. However, those who find funds for this will be able to extend the implementation period and sell the berries at a better price, ”emphasizes Anatoly Bogdan.

So how much can growers make from storage? The high season for blueberries in Ukraine falls on the end of July and the first half of August. It was during this period that the price of blueberries in Ukraine was at the lowest level. For example, last year, wholesale prices for blueberries during this period varied within 80-120 UAH / kg. If we take into account the fact that blueberries can be stored for up to 2-2.5 months, then producers with modern storage facilities may well keep the berries until the end of September or early October. By the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2019, the average wholesale prices for blueberries in Ukraine reached 200-250 UAH / kg, which is 2-2.5 times higher than in the high season.


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