Honeysuckle 2020 – the beginning of the season in Ukraine is delayed by 7-10 days

Honeysuckle 2020 – the beginning of the season in Ukraine is delayed by 7-10 days


Honeysuckle sales season this year will last until about the end of June

Ukrainian gardeners report completely unique weather conditions in May, which delay the start of the early berries and fruits season in the country. In particular, on May 21-22, in some regions of the country, air temperature at night dropped below zero degrees, causing additional damage to the fruit crop and postponing the beginning of the harvest season even more significantly.

In 2019, the very first berries of the earliest of the bush berries – honeysuckle, could be purchased already on May 24-25, and wholesale batches of products entered the wholesale markets on May 27. In the same year, there is no sale of honeysuckle so far, and the ripening of the earliest varieties is expected only towards the end of the first week of June. That is, the beginning of the season is delayed by an average of 7-10 days, which may negatively affect the prospects for the sale of berries, because at the same time, the supply of cherries and strawberries will sharply increase in the market. The season for the sale of honeysuckle this year will last until about the end of June.

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Last year, the retail price for honeysuckle dessert varieties in Kiev supermarkets reached 320 UAH / kg ($ 12 per kg). The selling price of farms for the most delicious varieties of berries reached 200 UAH / kg ($ 7.5 per kg). Less delicious varieties were sold with great difficulty at any price. On average, they were asked for 50-80 UAH / kg less.

This year, the offer of honeysuckle on the Ukrainian market may increase, as a large number of areas of this berry enter fruiting. However, losses from frost and cold weather can have a negative effect on the crop. Alexander Yarechenko, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Deputy Director for Research at the Institute of Horticulture of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in 2019 estimated a record honeysuckle crop of only 20-25 tons for the whole of Ukraine. It is possible that in 2020 the crop will more than double, it alone will still be a very small volume for such a large country as Ukraine.

EastFruit analysts note that the volume of honeysuckle production in Ukraine is still impossible to even compare with the volumes of neighboring Poland. This country, according to some estimates, has the largest areas under the honeysuckle in the world – there about 2 thousand hectares are allocated for the honeysuckle plantations. In Ukraine, there were from 60 to 150 hectares of honeysuckle in 2019, but many large producers of berries uprooted the plantations of this crop, and only one enterprise had large industrial massifs of honeysuckle.

Nevertheless, according to our information, in 2020 the demand for honeysuckle seedlings remained very high. Honeysuckle is especially popular among small gardeners and amateurs. Therefore, it is obvious that the volume of honeysuckle production in Ukraine will grow, but it is unlikely that production growth will be as ambitious as in Poland.


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