Home gardening boom is forecasted in Moldova

Home gardening boom is forecasted in Moldova


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In March, some agricultural resource suppliers noted an increase in demand for seeds of the most common vegetable crops in the economy segment in small packaging. At the same time, demand was not fully satisfied, since more than a week last month rural agricultural stores did not work due to emergency measures in the context of the spread of coronavirus.

Buyers are ordinary households and small farms that increase the production of garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes, as well as sweet and hot peppers, not so much for sale, but for their own consumption. Apparently, against the background of quarantine restrictions and the growth of vegetable prices that has been going on for many years, the old tradition of home canning of vegetables, berries and fruits will be revived in Moldova.

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At the same time, according to farmers, many vegetable-growing agricultural enterprises could not or did not have time to significantly increase the area under vegetables, even taking into account the advisability of this process in the realities of the pandemic. In part, this was due to restrictions imposed by crop rotation requirements, as well as tightly limited water resources for irrigation. In addition, far from all agricultural enterprises had free financial resources to quickly replenish stocks of planting material, fertilizers and energy resources.


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