Help us harvest! – in the Netherlands fear a shortage of workers

Help us harvest! – in the Netherlands fear a shortage of workers


The Netherlands has created an online platform for finding personnel for harvesting

In the Netherlands, the vegetable growing season will soon begin, but many employees from other countries will not be able to come due to quarantine measures. This is written by

This is why LTO Arbeidskracht, through its website, has contacted Dutch residents to help farmers.

“We need hands now, we are in a critical situation,” says Yvonne van de Ven of LTO Arbeidskracht.

“The season is beginning, so we need staff. It is for this reason that we created the platform. We want people who are in the Netherlands to now be able to work in the agricultural sector and, thus, support the country’s food supply, ”the specialist explained.

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Employers in agriculture and horticulture can find staff through the website. The creators of the platform note the high interest and many offers from both sides. “There are a huge number of companies that report a shortage of people, but on the other hand, there are also companies that have idle staff,” says Yvonne van de Ven. “We just received an email from a transport company that has less work.” Now they are ready to work in the agricultural sector. ”

The specialist cited another example of successful cooperation: “In Brabant there is a producer of garden strawberries (strawberries), which attracted catering personnel to the harvest.”


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