Harvesting of late grape varieties in Moldova began later than usual and will be less

Harvesting of late grape varieties in Moldova began later than usual and will be less


Most vineyards in Moldova managed to avoid damage to products by diseases

The harvesting of table grapes of the main late variety “Moldova” has been launched in the south of the Republic of Moldova since last week. According to the experts of the regional association of winegrowers, the situation with the quantity and quality of products is very “mosaic”. In some areas on irrigated plantations, a very high harvest is expected, its quality (even in conditions of spring frosts and summer drought) is better than last year. However, in non-irrigated vineyards, the harvest, as predicted earlier, will be about 30% lower than last year. In terms of quality, only the relatively small size of the bunches and berries is problematic. However, contrary to fears, in most viticulture farms it was possible to avoid damage to products by diseases (oidium, etc.).

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This week, as well as last week, mainly grapes from non-irrigated plantations will be harvested. Most of these products will be exported (mainly to Russia) directly from the vineyards, bypassing refrigerators. The price for products is still relatively low – 7-10 lei / kg ($ 0.41-0.59 / kg), but at least not lower than last year’s level at the turn of August and September.

This year the harvesting of Moldova grapes began a little later than usual. Due to prolonged drought, the grape bushes are in a depressed state, the berries slowly accumulate sugar. For this reason, on intensive plantations, watering was completed just a few days ago, at least a short pause is needed before the start of harvesting. The products from these vineyards, apparently, will be put into storage (not very long-term, grapes from irrigated plantations are not stored in the best way even in refrigerators). To all appearances, the bulk of winegrowers will agree to sell their entire harvest to Moldova as soon as the price for it rises to 12-14 lei / kg ($ 0.70-0.82 / kg).


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