Harvesting early cabbage began on farms in the Moscow Region (RF)

Harvesting early cabbage began on farms in the Moscow Region (RF)


The bulk of vegetables in the Moscow region will begin to be harvested in late August and autumn

Farmers in the Moscow region (Russia) began harvesting early cabbage. This was reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation with reference to the information of the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the region Andrei Razin.

“The harvest season for young cabbage has begun. This year, a protracted spring, not very warm May and rainy, non-hot June, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, somewhat delayed the harvest. Despite this, we have grown a good and high-quality crop and started supplying early varieties to the shelves of networks and markets. To date, about 120 tons of cabbage has been harvested in the region, ”said Andrei Razin.

The first batch of cabbage for the residents of the capital and the Moscow region was delivered by the agrarians of Ozyorsk and Serpukhov urban districts.

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“In Serpukhov, 2 hectares were harvested and 55 tons of early cabbage were harvested; in Ozyory, more than 65 tons were also harvested from an area of ​​2 hectares. For example, only Ozyorsk agroholding OSP Agro removed 38 tons of early cabbage from 1.2 hectares. And the total planting area of ​​cabbage at the enterprise amounted to 253 hectares, ”said Andrei Razin.

The OSP agro trading house immediately began supplying fresh cabbage directly from the field to all major retailers, supermarkets, and also to the market for the local population.

According to the company’s president Igor Isaev, a progressive method of seed germination in cassettes allows the agricultural holding to get good, strong seedlings, resistant to diseases, and, accordingly, a rich harvest.

Andrei Razin added that the bulk of vegetables in the Moscow Region will begin to be harvested in late August and autumn.


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