Growth in supply led to lower prices for cucumbers and tomatoes – market review for the 22nd week of 2020.

Growth in supply led to lower prices for cucumbers and tomatoes – market review for the 22nd week of 2020.


Greenhouse vegetables in the EastFruit region are predominantly cheaper

If a week earlier in the market of greenhouse vegetables in the countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region, the expected development of the market situation was observed only in the greenhouse tomato segment, then by the end of the reporting period all analyzed types of cucumbers were almost everywhere cheaper.

As market participants noted, the supply of greenhouse vegetables in the markets of the analyzed countries continued to increase gradually, and a decrease in previously set prices allowed sellers to increase the sales rate of available volumes of products.

On the market round red greenhouse tomato During the reporting period, previously established negative price trends continued to strengthen, which was explained by a gradual increase in the supply of products in the markets of the analyzed countries.

The leaders in the rate of decline in prices for greenhouse tomatoes this week were Georgia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, where these products lost an average of $ 0.2 / kg. Less dramatically, by $ 0.05-0.15 / kg, these products fell in price in Moldova, Belarus and Russia.

And traditionally, there were some exceptions in this segment of the market. Thus, interruptions in the supply of new consignments of greenhouse tomatoes to the market led, albeit not to a substantial, on average $ 0.05 / kg, increase in the cost of round red greenhouse tomatoes in Tajikistan.

In Georgia and Ukraine, where over the past two weeks there has been a decrease in prices for long smooth greenhouse cucumbers, sellers managed to maintain performance and not resort to further adjustments to previously established price tags. So, according to them, the pace of trade has stabilized, and in the markets of the above-mentioned countries there have been no cases of excessive supply of products.

As for all other countries in the monitoring region, the previously established upward price trends there were replaced by negative ones, which was triggered by new arrivals of long smooth cucumbers from local households on the market.

EastFruit project analysts did not note unusual situations in the new trends, as price reductions for greenhouse cucumbers were also expected in previous weeks, due to the active phase of the next crop rotation.

And only weather conditions so far have acted as a deterrent to establish negative price dynamics in this market segment, having a negative impact on the ripening of cucumbers in greenhouses.

A similar situation was observed by project analysts throughout the past week in the segment short tuberous cucumber where by the end of the reporting period negative price trends already dominated. Lumpy cucumbers fell in price in Russia, Moldova and Belarus by $ 0.09-0.29 / kg, and the main reason for the decline in prices was the increase in the supply of these products in the markets.

Disruptions in the supply of short tuberous cucumbers this week were noted only in Georgia and Ukraine, but if sellers were able to situationally raise selling prices for these products, then it was completely insignificant, since their main task was to maintain the previous sales rate of the available volumes of cucumbers.

According to EastFruit project specialists, the logical conclusion of the outgoing week on the greenhouse vegetables market in the region may lead to price stability in this segment in a number of countries. At the same time, one should not expect a long lull in the market situation, since the market of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes has the peculiarity of developing dynamically.

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