Greens became more expensive only in Moldova, while in Russia and Georgia they became cheaper. Market Review Week 34 of 2020

Greens became more expensive only in Moldova, while in Russia and Georgia they became cheaper. Market Review Week 34 of 2020


Previously established price trends persisted only in Moldova, where greens continued to rise in price

Following the results of the 34th week of this year, the specialists of the EastFruit project identified the only country in the monitoring region, in which previously established price trends have been preserved and strengthened. Moreover, as analysts noted, the rise in prices for all analyzed types of greens in Moldova was also recorded following the results of the past two weeks. If the situation does not change, then Moldova will be able to set a new record in the green market, since a drop in prices over the past month has not been recorded in any of the countries in the monitoring region over the past three years.

Herbs dinamic prices as of 08.21.20

As for the current period, Moldova was the only one of all the analyzed countries where dill, parsley and cilantro added in price in relation to the previous period. The project specialists, referring to local market operators, noted unfavorable weather conditions as the main factor supporting the further growth of prices for greens in Moldova.

According to producers in Moldova, the lack of precipitation and high temperatures had a detrimental effect on the growth of all fruits and vegetables in general, and the greens in this case received one of the maximum damage.

There were no preconditions for a decrease in demand, in particular, for the main types of greens in Moldova throughout the entire reporting period, and sellers continued to revise the previously set price tags upward.

A decrease in the cost of greenery in the outgoing week was recorded in two countries of the monitoring region at once, namely in Georgia and Russia. For the reporting period, cilantro dropped in price in the above-mentioned countries, having lost from 34% to 40%, and the minimum prices for parsley dropped in the outgoing week, from 14% to 34%, respectively.

Here, the project analysts did not identify specific factors that had a major impact on pricing, due to the fact that a week earlier, price trends in the greens segment in these countries had a radically opposite development vector. Practice shows that sharp price fluctuations, especially if we are not talking about essential products, directly affect consumer activity.

Herbs prices as of 08.21.20

And only the strengthening of positive price trends in the green market in Moldova over the past 3 weeks brought this country to the first place in the ranking, where the wholesale prices for dill became the highest among all analyzed countries of the EastFruit region.

By the end of the reporting period, wholesale lots of dill went on sale in the Moldovan market at $ 3.01 / kg, and prices for parsley there were pulled up to $ 2.71 / kg.

At the end of the reporting period, the most expensive parsley remained on the Ukrainian market, on average at $ 2.91 / kg, where over the past week prices for all analyzed types of greens remained at the level of the previous period.

In Tajikistan and Belarus, the supply of parsley, dill and cilantro fully covered the demand, and sellers did not try to adjust the previously set prices.

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