Greenhouse cucumber noticeably cheaper in Poland over the week

Greenhouse cucumber noticeably cheaper in Poland over the week


Deliveries of cucumber from Spain to Poland increased markedly, which is extremely negative for prices

In Poland, prices for greenhouse cucumbers fell this week, analysts at the EastFruit project said. Market participants reported that demand in this segment decreased markedly. At the same time, the market supply was sufficient. Products were shipped from local plants, as well as imported from the foreign market.

Under the current conditions, sellers were revising selling prices for greenhouse cucumbers downward to speed up sales and prevent the accumulation of large volumes of unsold products in warehouses. So, today the main sales of Polish cucumber were carried out at a price of $ 2.36-3.15 / kg, which is on average 9% cheaper than at the end of last working week. Meanwhile, products from Spain went on sale at a price of $ 2.11-2.37 / kg.

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According to industry experts, the decline in cucumber prices is due to several factors. First of all, a downward price trend is provoked by rather low sales rates of these products. At the same time, the supply of cucumber from Spain has increased markedly, which also has an extremely negative effect on prices.

Now the offer of greenhouse cucumber in the market has increased markedly, and the activity of buyers has fallen sharply. However, at the moment, prices for cucumbers in Poland remain on average 1.5 times higher than in mid-January 2019.


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