Golden Delicious and Idared varieties took the lead in price growth – apple market review for the 3rd week of 2020

Golden Delicious and Idared varieties took the lead in price growth – apple market review for the 3rd week of 2020


Quality apple rises in price in Moldova, Belarus and Georgia

Starting from the first days of the 3rd week of this year, the situation on the apple market in the analyzed countries has changed significantly. At the same time, EastFruit project analysts noted a cardinal change in previously established price trends. So, in those countries of the monitoring region, where a quality apple gradually rose in price during the first two weeks of 2020, these products began to become cheaper, due to a gradually decreasing demand. And at the same time, project specialists noted an increase in prices in the segment of high-quality apple in those countries of the region where, in the previous reporting period, prices for these products either decreased or remained unchanged.

Apple prices dinamics 01/17/2020

The growth in prices for quality apples in Poland in the previous reporting period stopped, and in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the previously established upward price trends were completely replaced by lower prices for most major varieties of apples. Market operators associated this change in the situation solely with a decrease in demand due to a gradual increase in prices by sellers, which immediately affected the sales rate of existing batches of apples.

At the same time, by the end of the reporting period in Georgia, Moldova and Belarus, due to the limited supply of high quality apples on the market, prices for certain varieties were steadily increasing. It was the Golden Delicious and Idared apple varieties that rose in price in several countries of the monitoring region at once. These varieties from 10% to 20% increased in price in Georgia, Moldova and Belarus. Project analysts also pay attention to changes in the segment of such a variety of apples as Fuji. And if in Moldova over the past week it has grown in price by only 8%, then in Georgia this high-quality apple added almost 35% of the cost in relation to the previous period.

Apple prices 01/17/2020

As predicted earlier, by the end of the outgoing week, prices for high-quality Gala apples in Poland were announced at almost the same level as in Ukraine and Moldova. At the same time, it was on the Polish market, as before, that the most affordable apples in the regina, Idared varieties, on average $ 0.32 / kg, and Golden Delishes, on average $ 0.50 / kg, were offered.

For comparison, by the end of the reporting period, a high-quality Idared apple in Uzbekistan, on average, was offered at $ 1.15 / kg, and in the same country, the Golden Delicious varieties were sold in bulk in no less than $ 1.26 / kg According to EastFruit project analysts, given the significant reduction in the supply of quality apples in the main producing countries, the prevalence of upward price trends in the monitoring region is more than likely in the future.

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