Ginger is 10 times cheaper, more cherries, apricots and early vegetables – an overview of market trends

Ginger is 10 times cheaper, more cherries, apricots and early vegetables – an overview of market trends


The start of the stone seed season in Central Asia and the Middle East increased the activity of participants from Uzbekistan and Turkey

The audience of the largest fruit and vegetable trading group EastFruit Trade Platform continues to grow and over the past week exceeded 7600 participants. Let us analyze who and what sold at this, as well as other EastFruit sites during this period.

The geography of active members of the group expanded last week to 13 countries. Representatives of Spain and Algeria were added to the already traditional leaders of activity (Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc.). Spanish producers offered citrus fruits, apricots, peaches and nectarines, and exporters from Algeria offered Deglet Nur dates. In total, 312 offers for the sale of fruits and vegetables were posted in a week. The beginning of the stone ripening season in the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East increased the activity of participants from Uzbekistan and Turkey. Representatives of Russia have reduced the number of sales announcements, where stocks of last year’s crop products have been depleted, and the new season has not yet begun.

Last week has made changes to our already traditional schedule of dynamics of offers. It included Iceberg salad, radish and zucchini, the number of offers, which increased significantly compared to the previous period. At the same time, zucchini showed the maximum increase in a week – it was offered five times more often. The ginger cabbage crop 2019 did not fall into the schedule, the number of offers of which over the previous week was minimal for the last two months. They began to offer more potatoes, but less onions.

There have been changes in the fruit and berry segment. Ripening in Uzbekistan and Turkey stone fruits, sharply increased the supply of cherries and apricots from these countries. Therefore, we added apricot to our schedule. But the apple – a permanent leader over the long period in terms of the number of announcements, did not fall into the schedule, because its reserves in the region were depleted. We also note the increased number of proposals for the sale of strawberries and lemon.

A graph of the dynamics of proposals for key positions in quantitative measurement is given below.

The number of product purchase announcements has almost doubled compared to the previous week. The most sought after buyers were potatoes in the vegetable group, and garden strawberries among fruits and berries.

Fertilizers and seedlings dominated the EastFruit Fruittechnology technology group. Their transport service announcements and proposals from equipment manufacturers were diluted. The most interesting of them: hydrocoolers for cooling fruits and vegetables from the company “MAS Systems” and integrated solutions for sorting and packaging of fruits and vegetables from the company “Insolar-Cold”.

In the tables below we give an analysis of prices for fruits and vegetables, advertisements for the sale of which were published in our groups throughout the week.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Russia)

The increase in the number of offers accelerated the pace of lower prices for cabbage and onions of the new crop. But ginger, wholesale prices for which until recently often reached 1 thousand rubles, last week it was already possible to buy 10 times cheaper – it was sometimes offered even cheaper than 100 rubles. per kg

The supply prices of young radishes and potatoes of the 2019 harvest also decreased. But tomatoes in comparison with the previous period, on the contrary, have risen in price. On the greens market in Moscow Food City, prices for green onions and cilantro increased, but prices for fresh basil decreased.

In the fruit and berry segment, as a week earlier, lemons became cheaper, the supply of which, as mentioned above, increased. Apple and pear also rose in price. Despite the increase in the number of offers, prices for garden strawberries also increased.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Uzbekistan)

In Uzbekistan, a decrease in prices for young cabbage is observed. Dill and parsley prices also fell.

To complete the analysis of prices for vegetables and fruits in Ukraine, as well as last week, we used data from announcements of our Ukrainian group UkrOpt, the number of participants of which continues to grow and has already exceeded 2100.

Prices of EastFruit Trade Platform and UkrOpt (Ukraine)

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Belarus)

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