Ginger fell in price and led the rating of offers EastFruit Trade Platform – analysis of trade dynamics for the 14th week of 2020

Ginger fell in price and led the rating of offers EastFruit Trade Platform – analysis of trade dynamics for the 14th week of 2020


In terms of the number of advertisements posted, ginger outperformed even such popular products as onions, potatoes and carrots.

Over the past week, the audience of the largest fruit and vegetable trading group EastFruit Trade Platform increased by 150 people and reached 6,750 participants. Let us analyze who and what sold using Telegram on this site.

The quarantine introduced in many countries due to the spread of COVID-19 also influenced the activity of our group members. Compared to last week, both the number of announcements decreased (by 10%), and the number of countries whose participants posted them – representatives of 9 countries showed activity. Traditionally, most of the advertisements for the sale of fruits and vegetables were placed by participants from Russia. Representatives of Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Belarus decreased their activity, but increased companies from Kazakhstan.

Ginger unexpectedly became the leader in the number of both offers and purchase requests last week. In terms of the number of advertisements placed, he even outstripped such popular products as onions, potatoes and carrots, the supply of which decreased in comparison with the previous period. As a week earlier, the supply of tomatoes continued to increase. More than 2 times increased the number of reports on the sale of radishes and young white cabbage.

In the fruit and berry segment, proposals for the sale of apples prevailed, however, the number of advertisements more than doubled compared to the previous period.

Below we offer a graph of the dynamics of proposals for key positions in quantitative terms.

Product purchase announcements were published much less frequently than sales offers. Ginger, lemon and onions were in the greatest demand, and also, as a week earlier, many asked to offer potatoes.

The EastFruit Fruittechnology technology group was dominated by advertisements for the sale of fertilizers and seedlings.

For more effective promotion of our products, we continue to recommend indicating prices when posting ads. Our recommendations can be found at this link.

Below are tables of the dynamics of prices for fruits and vegetables per week for the Russian market, which will be more representative, given the high activity of traders.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Russia)

As mentioned above, ginger was the most popular product last week. The price range for it is quite wide, since prices are very actively changing throughout the week. If at the beginning of the week sellers asked for ginger 2000-2500 rubles, then by the end of the week, an increase in the number of offers, lowered prices to 1000-1200 rubles. per kg The prices shown are for the central European part of the country. In Irkutsk, for example, ginger was offered even at 300 rubles. per kg

The coronavirus pandemic is having an increasing impact on the market. So along with ginger, the demand for lemon, onion and garlic increased, which led to a rise in price of these products in the market. But the prices for strawberry garden in comparison with the previous period decreased under the pressure of increased supply. Also noteworthy is the almost double rise in price of beet on the Russian market.

A little about prices in other countries. Onion was already offered on average 12 UAH / kg in Ukraine, 20 rubles / kg in Kyrgyzstan, and 5.5 rubles / kg in carrots in Belarus. In addition, participants from Kazakhstan tried to offer ginger at a price of 440-600 rubles / kg, young cabbage at 20 rubles / kg and tomatoes at 119 rubles / kg per kg.

We remind you that all ads placed on trading floors are available on the EastFruit portal using this link. You can also place your ads in groups there even without installing Telegram.

Analysis of the dynamics of the supply of fruits and vegetables on the trading floor for the 13th week of 2020, read here.

We also want to note that for all participants in the Ukrainian market of vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and other fruits and vegetables, the free UkrOpt platform is already operating, which is available at this link. In just a week from the moment of creation, the number of platform participants has grown to a thousand, and a lot of frozen berries were offered on it: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, etc., as well as frozen mushrooms. Also popular were the offers of potatoes, onions and other vegetables of borscht set. There were also proposals for the sale of walnuts, fresh imported strawberries of garden and Ukrainian berries, the harvesting of which will begin only in a month. Among the unusual proposals is mushroom powder, which is used in the food industry.


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