Georgian company Herbia introduces greens sauces to its product range

Georgian company Herbia introduces greens sauces to its product range


In 2019, sales of fresh greens in the Georgian market doubled in comparison with 2018

The Georgian company Herbia, which supplies greens and vegetables in retail packages to the market, will start selling new products under its own brand in the coming months – greens sauces.

According to EastFruit, co-founder of Herbia Zurab Janelidze, test samples of greens sauces, including basil, dill and parsley, were presented by the company at an exhibition in South Korea and aroused considerable interest. Herbia has now amended the recipe for several varieties of sauces based on the recommendations collected and is preparing to introduce new products to the market. Herbia sauces on her order, exclusively from her raw materials and according to her recipe, will be produced at a partner enterprise. At the first stage, up to 10 types of greens sauces will be sold under the Herbia brand.

“According to the company’s plans, the first export market for our sauces will be South Korea, which uses a lot of similar products, for example, from India, Vietnam and other countries. We expect to occupy our niche due to the taste characteristics of our sauces. There are several groups of potential partners in Seoul who are waiting for our product. Along with this, we are working on the search for other export markets, ”said Zurab Janelidze.

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Summing up the results of the company’s activities for 2019, Zurab Janelidze said that sales of fresh herbs on the Georgian market doubled in comparison with 2018, noting that this growth trend has been holding for several years. The only segment of the local market where Herbia’s main products are delivered – about a dozen items of greens in retail packages – are Georgian supermarket chains. According to Janelidze, the last 7 years, despite weather factors and fluctuations in the national currency, Herbia has not changed the price of its products – this is the company’s marketing policy. “We can afford it, because we work only with our own raw materials. It happens that the profit margin decreases, but we believe that such periods should be carried forward and not increase the costs of buyers. Our main emphasis is the quality of greenery, continuity of supply and constant prices, ”he said.

According to Zurab Janelidze, over time the company also plans to establish a stable export of fresh herbs. So far, based on production volumes, it is too early to talk about regular deliveries. “However, in the early spring, according to our calculations, we will be able to send small parties to Bulgaria and Poland – first of all, in order to be in the know about the events on the European market,” he said.

Herbia was established in 2006 and the first in Georgia, in 2010, received GlobalGAP certificate for greenery. She is also the first in the country to start producing packaged greens. The farmland of the company is located on 10 hectares in the Tskhaltubsky district, of which 5 hectares using Israeli and Dutch technologies have been equipped with greenhouses of closed ground, where greens and vegetables are planted in compliance with crop rotation. The remaining 5 hectares are used for growing greenery in open ground. Among the crops grown are purple basil, cilantro (coriander), parsley, celery, dill, lettuce, tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, hot red peppers, etc. Near the land is located Herbia refrigeration-storage and packaging company, which introduced the HACCP system. Herbia farm is equipped with the support of several state projects. The company has its own fleet of refrigerated trucks, as well as a distribution service.


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