Georgia plans to export one third of harvested peaches

Georgia plans to export one third of harvested peaches


Georgian Ministry of Agriculture controls “green corridors”, thanks to which exporters manage to quickly export fruits abroad

The state has done everything possible so that the coronavirus epidemic does not create problems for farmers and the harvest of peaches begins in a timely manner. This was reported by Business Georgia with reference to a statement by the governor of Kakheti, Irakli Kadagishvili.

This year in Kakheti, a large crop of peaches and nectarines is expected – more than 35 thousand tons. Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, a third of the fruits are planned to be exported.

The harvest season enters the active phase in mid-July. To date, about 400 tons of peaches and nectarines have been harvested, of which up to 50 tons have been sold abroad. Wholesale purchase price varies between 1-1.3 GEL per kilogram.

According to Kadagishvili, it was possible to largely comply with the agricultural deadlines thanks to the state program, under which farmers can purchase fuel for agricultural machinery at reduced prices.

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“Thanks to the support of state programs implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, in Kakheti today there are three powerful processing plants that produce juices and fruit juices. I think that the peach harvest season will be successful and farmers will be happy, ”the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture quoted the governor as saying.

In turn, the deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Solomon Pavliashvili, says that farmers have no problems in terms of fruit sales.

Now peaches and nectarines can take 22 refrigeration facilities. Moreover, all procedures associated with the export of fruits are carried out on the basis of a single window. This allows manufacturers and exporters to quickly and without unnecessary bureaucratic difficulties get all the necessary documents.

Pavliashvili added that the Ministry of Agriculture controls the “green corridors”, thanks to which exporters are able to quickly export fruits abroad even under all the restrictions that apply due to coronavirus.

For the 2019 season, more than 13.2 thousand tons of peaches and nectarines were exported from Georgia. More than 80% of the total amount fell to Russia – 10.7 thousand tons. 1.3 thousand tons of Georgian peaches and nectarines were sent to Armenia, and 667 tons to Azerbaijan.

Other important export markets include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Iraq, Iran, Belarus, Moldova, and Qatar.


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