Garlic processing is an opportunity not to be missed – Anna Morozova

Garlic processing is an opportunity not to be missed – Anna Morozova


Without creating value-added products, garlic producers in Ukraine are losing enormous opportunities for developing their business.

Today in the Ukrainian market there is a need for garlic processed products, for example, in garlic powder. And this niche is precisely the opportunity that Ukrainian agricultural producers are missing out on today without creating value-added products. This opinion was expressed by the head of the UkrAP garlic company Anna Morozova during the VI National Conference “Million from a Hectare”, held on March 5-6 in Odessa (Ukraine). The general media partner of the event was the EastFruit project.

Anna Morozova emphasized that over the past 4 years, Ukraine has significantly reduced the import of garlic, as a large number of farmers began to grow this product.

“For the 10 months of 2019, we have not just increased the volume (production of garlic –Eastfruit), and we stepped over everyone, because we began to develop the production of not only garlic itself, but also garlic products.

What happened with this export background? To begin with, it should be noted that even 7 years ago – in 2013 – the export rate of Ukrainian garlic was zero. No one in the world at all knew that this culture was grown in Ukraine. In 2019, we exported 420 tons of garlic, covering an 80% quota for duty-free deliveries of this crop to the EU, ”said Anna Morozova.

The speaker of the conference drew attention to the fact that in Ukraine today there is a fairly small number of industrial producers of garlic. However, there are a large number of farmers who, in the pursuit of quick income, begin to engage in the garlic business, subsequently abandoning it.

Anna Morozova She also stressed that in Ukraine there are problems in the formation of large commodity lots of garlic.

“We cannot sell it in the amount of 10 kg. After all, if an order comes, then it, of course, comes to a certain volume of this culture. And today it’s quite difficult to collect the necessary volume throughout the country of the same quality, ”said the head of UkrAP.

At the same time, according to the market player, in order to solve these problems in the Ukrainian garlic market today, interaction between all producers is necessary.


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