Fruit supply from Uzbekistan drops sharply – analysis of the trading floor for the 24th week of 2020

Fruit supply from Uzbekistan drops sharply – analysis of the trading floor for the 24th week of 2020


This is due to a decrease in the supply of Uzbek cherries and apricots.

Over the past week, more than 100 new users joined the audience of the largest fruit and vegetable trading group EastFruit Trade Platform, while the total number exceeded 8150 participants. Let us analyze who and what sold at this, as well as other EastFruit sites during this period.

Last week, representatives of 13 countries placed ads on the sale of products in the group. At the same time, 35% less announcements were published than a week earlier in connection with holidays and weekends in some countries. Most of the proposals came from participants in Russia and Uzbekistan, but compared with previous periods, their activity decreased markedly. The five leaders of activity also included Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Among the new participants, one can single out the offer of direct deliveries of aromatic herbs from Italy for the Russian Federation, Belarus and Europe, as well as the sale by the American company of bananas, citrus and exotic fruits from South America.

In the vegetable segment over the week, the number of sales announcements decreased in almost all positions. The exception was leaders: onions and potatoes, the supply of which increased compared to last week.

Significantly reduced the number of ads for the sale of berries and fruits. This is primarily due to a decrease in the supply of cherries and apricots from Uzbekistan, because this region mainly formed activity in the fruit and berry segment. The only exception was strawberry, the number of ads for the sale of which remained at the level of the previous week due to an increase in the number of offers from Ukraine, where harvesting began in the central regions.

A graph of the dynamics of proposals for key positions in quantitative measurement is given below.

Regarding product purchase announcements, potatoes and cabbage were in greatest demand.

Last week, EastFruit Fruittechnology’s technology group sold seedlings, fertilizers, containers and packaging, as well as fruit and vegetable transportation services. In addition, they offered equipment for cooling and long-term storage of fruits and berries.

Due to the decrease in activity, price advertisements were also published less frequently. In the tables below we give an analysis of prices for fruits and vegetables, advertisements for the sale of which were published in our groups throughout the week.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Russia)

The supply of potatoes for the 2019 harvest was single, which led to an increase in supply prices. But the cost of young potatoes continues to decline under the pressure of a growing number of sales. Onions, beets, zucchini and cabbage continued to get cheaper. The cucumber has fallen in price, but the prices for tomatoes have risen.

Prices of the EastFruit Trade Platform trading group (Uzbekistan)

In Uzbekistan, onions fell in price and, on the contrary, garlic went up in price. The price of nectarine decreased significantly.

Prices of EastFruit Trade Platform and UkrOpt (Ukraine)

A little about prices in other countries. Georgian blueberries were offered at 6.5 dollars. per kg., Kazakh watermelon at 110 tenge per kg. Participants from Turkey sold apples and peaches at a price of $ 1.10 dollars per kg.

We remind you that all ads placed on trading floors are available on the EastFruit portal using this link. There you can place your ads in groups even without installing Telegram.

Recommendations for effective placement of ads in Telegram groups can be found on this blog.

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