Fruit processing products – an innovative solution for product storage

It is possible to extend the term and quality of storage of fruits, berries, fruits and vegetables not only thanks to specially equipped storage facilities and refrigerators. There are additional tools that can reduce the amount of storage losses and maintain an attractive presentation of the product. How it works, in a comment for SEEDS told Alexander Boroday, founder of the PBT company, which, in particular, is engaged in the distribution of TM BioGreen products

– Special storages and refrigerators extend the shelf life of fruits, stone fruits, berries, vegetables. Why is it worth additional processing of products? And what effect does it have?

– Already using traditional technologies, we have an understanding of how long vegetables and fruits will be stored. Using additional funds, we are able, on the one hand, to increase the shelf life, and on the other, to reduce the amount of losses. Thus, protective drugs help to improve business efficiency, increase profitability, and reduce losses.

– Can you give examples of how to extend the storage of berries or fruits after using BioGreen? To what extent are product losses reduced and how economically profitable is it to process it?

– If we talk about fruits and vegetables with a long shelf life (apples, potatoes), then in any case there will be losses. But using the products of TM BioGreen series Harvest storage, we reduce storage losses by about 60%. Yes, these products are not stored longer than a certain time, but we can reduce the amount of losses, keep the appropriate presentation.

If we talk about berries and fruits with a short shelf life (week, month), then in this case the drug helps to increase the quality storage period by 50 or even 100%. For example, if a berry is usually stored for 15 days, then after using the drug, this period increases to 30 days under the same conditions.

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– There is an opinion among many consumers that food processing is always something harmful. Is it so? What does the preparation contain? Is it completely safe for the end consumer??

– In the process of development and ripening of berries, fruits and vegetables, mainly inorganic chemistry is used for plant care and protection. Accordingly, the use of storage chemicals with modern growing technologies is normal practice.

The composition of TM BioGreen products of the Harvest storage series is based on artificial analogs of organic substances. They are biodegradable and are used in minimal doses that do not adversely affect either the human body or the plants themselves, the environment and products. In the process of combating pathogenic flora that can form on the surface of fruits and other products, the substance itself biodegrades into organic compounds that are ubiquitous in nature. Therefore, the use of the drug is completely safe for the consumer.

Means ТМ BioGreen of the Harvest storage series is a water-soluble substance. When washing vegetables, berries, fruits, it dissolves without leaving any traces.

– At what volume of fruit or berry production is it economically feasible to carry out the treatment with BioGreen?

– We share the concept of using the drug for small producers, farmers and large enterprises. But the economic effect of using BioGreen is achieved even with minimal production volumes. This is beneficial for both small and large producers, as well as those who simply grow fruits and vegetables on their personal plots.

Therefore, the products of TM “BIOGREEN” of the “Harvest storage” series in the economic, environmental and technological sense are an innovative solution for the manufacturer when storing products.