From May 1, food markets will start working in Ukraine

From May 1, food markets will start working in Ukraine


Retail and wholesale markets throughout Ukraine can only function if strict sanitary standards are observed.

On April 29, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision according to which the work of Ukrainian food markets will be resumed. At the first stage, 872 food markets will open, UPRA reports.

Representatives of the authorities finally listened to the numerous appeals of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA), Ukrainian farmers and other industry associations, which have repeatedly stated that the country’s wholesale and retail markets urgently need to be opened.

Retail and wholesale markets throughout Ukraine will be able to function only if strict sanitary standards are observed. At the same time, the list of markets can be expanded, provided that other markets can provide appropriate working conditions.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine today, April 30, has already published its decision, which means that from May 1, food markets will be able to resume their work. Decisions to open markets will be made by the relevant territorial bodies of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, and the facility must be registered as a food producer. Representatives of the aforementioned service will oversee the operation of markets and monitor compliance with relevant sanitary standards. Among the main requirements, it is worth highlighting that workers, sellers and buyers will be allowed to the food markets exclusively in medical masks or as a respirator with a mandatory check of the human body temperature. Also, at each entrance to the market there should be antiseptics, and the number of buyers should not exceed one person per 10 square meters. In this case, the contact surfaces must be disinfected every 3 hours. At the end of the working day – mandatory cleaning and disinfection of all rooms.

In case of violation of quarantine and sanitary norms, the market will be closed.


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