Fresh herbs rise in price in Georgia and the Russian Federation. Weekly review of the 18th week of 2020.

Fresh herbs rise in price in Georgia and the Russian Federation. Weekly review of the 18th week of 2020.


In Russia, prices for parsley and dill increased, but cilantro fell in price. In Georgia, prices rose in all three cases

Parsley, dill, cilantro

According to EastFruit, this week in Of Russia prices for fresh parsley and dill continued to rise. At the end of the reporting period, they reached already $ 1.83-2.99 / kg. Cilantro on the Russian market, on the contrary, fell in price to $ 4.07-7.60 / kg.

Meanwhile, the most active pace of revising prices for fresh herbs was noted in Georgia. Here, fresh parsley and dill have risen in price by one and a half times, and cilantro prices have almost doubled in a week. As a result, prices for parsley and dill in the Georgian market reached $ 0.94 / kg and $ 1.56 / kg, respectively, and fresh cilantro was offered at $ 0.94-1.25 / kg.

Herb price performance as of May 01, 2020

AT Moldova the prices for cilantro fell most actively, falling to $ 1.96-2.23 / kg, while in the parsley and dill segment the situation did not change much, and prices varied between $ 1.68-1.96 / kg.

The market for fresh herbs in Ukraine and Belarus. Parsley and dill were offered at $ 2.60-3.71 / kg and $ 1.51-3.77 / kg, respectively, and cilantro could be purchased at $ 2.22-3.71 / kg in Ukraine and $ 4.53- 6.79 / kg in Belarus.

Herb prices as of May 01, 2020

Central Asian countries experienced a slight decrease in prices for fresh herbs in Tajikistanwhere at the end of the week parsley, dill and cilantro were sold at $ 0.34-0.44 / kg. At the same time, in Uzbekistan, sellers of fresh herbs were practically not reviewing prices, and these products could be purchased at $ 0.30-0.40 / kg.


Prices for imported basil have declined this week. AT Ukraine they fell 12-32% to $ 12.98-15.57 / kg, and in Of Russia sellers had to reduce them by 8-10% to $ 13.77-19.00 / kg. Meanwhile in Belarus fresh basil fell by only 6% to $ 15.09-18.11 / kg.

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