Fresh herbs are getting cheaper everywhere. Weekly review of the 12th week of 2020.

Fresh herbs are getting cheaper everywhere. Weekly review of the 12th week of 2020.


Fresh greens prices with rare exceptions declined this week

Parsley, dill, cilantro

According to EastFruit, the past week in the fresh greens market in countries included in the regular monitoring of the project was marked by a drop in prices for almost all product categories.

So in Georgia, due to problems with the export of fresh herbs and other products to Russia, prices for the previous two weeks have fallen at least twice. If two weeks ago the average prices in the Georgian market were not lower than $ 1.12 / kg, then already at the end of the reporting period they fell to $ 0.48 / kg for parsley and cilantro and $ 0.63 / kg for dill.

Herb price dynamics as of Mar 20, 2020

IN Of Russia despite the lack of supply of Georgian products, prices for fresh parsley and dill also fell to $ 2.20-2.89 / kg. Nevertheless, cilantro nevertheless rose in price a little to an average of $ 5.54 / kg.

Fresh greens prices also decreased Ukraine and Belarus. In the Ukrainian market, the main negative trend was recorded in the parsley segment, which fell in price by a third, while the cost of dill and cilantro was cheaper. At the end of the week, these three products could be purchased on the Ukrainian market at $ 1.83-2.20 / kg, $ 2.20-2.93 / kg and $ 4.40-7.33 / kg, respectively.

IN Belarus Price collapse was noted in parsley and dill segments (up to $ 1.57-4.72 / kg), and fresh cilantro fell slightly to $ 4.72-7.08 / kg. Similarly, prices for fresh herbs in Moldova: at the end of the week, parsley and dill were offered no more than $ 1.68 / kg, and the average price of cilantro fell to $ 5.59 / kg.

Herb prices as of Mar 20, 2020

In Central Asian countries, the price dynamics in the market of fresh parsley, dill and cilantro were less pronounced with the exception of cheaper dill in Uzbekistan to the level of prices for the other two categories of greens. At the end of the week, these products in Tajikistan could be purchased at $ 0.51-0.67 / kg, and in Uzbekistan – at $ 0.47-0.58 / kg.


The fresh basil segment was no exception, and prices for it have remained stable this week only Moldova: $ 14.54-15.10 / kg. Meanwhile in Of Russia fresh basil has managed to drop in price quite significantly to $ 11.48-18.09 / kg, and prices at Ukraine and Belarus slightly decreased to $ 15.40-18.34 / kg and $ 13.77-15.74 / kg, respectively.

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