Fresh greens have risen in price in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Weekly review of the 8th week of 2020.

Fresh greens have risen in price in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Weekly review of the 8th week of 2020.


Prices for parsley and dill increased in Ukraine and Moldova. Cilantro has also risen in price in Georgia, while prices for basil have risen in Russia

Parsley, dill, cilantro

According to EastFruit, this week prices for fresh herbs were recorded in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as (to a lesser extent) in Georgia. In other countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, prices in most cases remained stable.

Herb price performance as of Feb 21, 2020

IN Ukraine and Moldova The main price increase was concentrated in the parsley and dill segments. At the end of the week, both of these products could be purchased at $ 2.85-3.26 / kg in the Ukrainian market and $ 3.11-3.39 / kg in the Moldovan market. At the same time, prices for fresh cilantro in Ukraine remained relatively stable in the range of $ 4.49-5.30 / kg, while in Moldova the offer of this category of greens was reduced to a minimum.

A less significant increase in prices for fresh herbs was recorded in Georgia, where products on average per week increased in price only by a few percent to $ 1.77 / kg for parsley and $ 1.42 / kg for dill and cilantro. It is also worth noting that the minimum prices for fresh cilantro according to the results of the reporting period in Georgia fell by 23% to $ 1.06 / kg, while high-quality products, as before, were offered at prices reaching $ 1.77 / kg.

Herb prices as of Feb 21, 2020

The most acceptable prices for consumers of fresh herbs were noted in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan: an average of $ 0.62 / kg and $ 0.52 / kg, respectively. At the same time, Uzbek suppliers of greens continued to actively export their products, although so far this has had little impact on prices.

Significant changes in the situation in the markets of fresh parsley, dill and cilantro were also not recorded in Belarus and Of Russia. In the Belarusian market, prices, as before, reached $ 7.26 / kg in the parsley and dill segments, while cilantro was offered at $ 4.54-8.16 / kg. In Russia, sellers of fresh herbs sold parsley and dill for $ 2.20-2.98 / kg, and cilantro for $ 4.39-6.59 / kg.


The only country where changes in the market for fresh basil were recorded was made Russia. At the end of the week, prices for these products rose to $ 15.55-26.17 / kg in the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile in Ukraine basil could still be purchased at $ 17.13-20.39 / kg, and in Belarus prices remained in the range of $ 15.87-18.14 / kg.

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