Fresh greens have risen in price in the Russian Federation and Georgia. Weekly review of the 7th week of 2020.

Fresh greens have risen in price in the Russian Federation and Georgia. Weekly review of the 7th week of 2020.


Fresh greens prices rose in Russia and rose again in Georgia. In Ukraine, parsley has become a little cheaper

Parsley, dill, cilantro

According to EastFruit, the price growth for fresh herbs was recorded only in two countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, while in the remaining regions the market situation did not change except for a slight decrease in the price of parsley in Ukraine.

Herb price performance as of Feb 14, 2020

So in Georgia fresh herbs continue to grow in price for two or three weeks in a row, and during the reporting period, fresh parsley and dill in the Georgian market rose by an average of 14-24% to $ 1.74 / kg and $ 1.39 / kg, respectively, although prices cilantro remained relatively stable ($ 1.39 / kg).

Recall that East-Fruit previously released a separate material in which it presented the point of view of Georgian producers on the prospects for the current season of fresh greens both in the domestic market and in the main export destinations.

Meanwhile in Of Russia, which, despite growing competition with suppliers from Iran, is still one of the key sales markets for Georgian greens, all three categories of these products rose in price. Prices for fresh parsley and dill rose to $ 2.20-2.99 / kg, while cilantro rose in price to $ 4.40-6.60 / kg.

The least significantly changed is the fresh green market in Ukraine. Local sellers had to slightly reduce the price of parsley (to $ 2.45-3.06 / kg), while dill and cilantro, as before, were offered in the range of $ 2.45-2.86 / kg and $ 4.49-5. 31 / kg.

Herb prices as of Feb 14, 2020

The highest prices for fresh herbs, as in the weeks earlier, were recorded in Belaruswhere they reached their maximum limits of $ 8.18 / kg in the cilantro segment and $ 7.27 / kg in the parsley and dill market.

Like Belarus, Moldova and the countries of Central Asia did not notice any significant changes in the situation on the fresh greens market this week. So in Moldova fresh parsley and dill could be purchased at prices from $ 2.82 / kg, and the maximum prices for all three positions in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan reached $ 0.72 / kg and $ 0.58 / kg, respectively.

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