Fresh greens are becoming more expensive in Moldova and cheaper in Ukraine. Market overview for the 5th week of 2020.

Fresh greens are becoming more expensive in Moldova and cheaper in Ukraine. Market overview for the 5th week of 2020.


Fresh greens prices declined in Ukraine, but rose in Moldova and Tajikistan. In Georgia, only cilantro has risen in price, and basil has fallen in price in Ukraine and the Russian Federation

Parsley, dill, cilantro

According to EastFruit, the market for fresh parsley, dill and cilantro this week was marked by rising prices in Moldova and Tajikistan, as well as their decline in Ukraine.

Thus, the market operators of the latter were most actively reviewing prices for fresh cilantro, which during the reporting period fell in price by 10-11% to $ 4.01-4.82 / kg. Parsley and dill in Ukraine decreased in price less significantly and were offered at $ 2.01-2.21 / kg.

Herb price performance as of Jan 31, 2020

Meanwhile in Moldova fresh parsley and dill rose by 18-25%, and at the end of the week they could be purchased at prices up to $ 3.14 / kg, and the average price of fresh cilantro in the Moldovan market reached $ 6.28 / kg. IN Tajikistan the prices of all three main categories of greens simultaneously rose to $ 0.62-0.72 / kg.

A positive trend was also recorded in the market. Georgia, although in this case it was exclusively a segment of fresh export-grade cilantro, the price of which reached $ 1.21 / kg to its maximum extent. Meanwhile, sellers of parsley and dill were not in a hurry to review prices and, as before, offered these products on average at $ 1.21 / kg and $ 0.69 / kg, respectively.

Herb prices as of Jan 31, 2020

On the market Of Russia prices also remained virtually unchanged: parsley, dill and cilantro here could be purchased at $ 1.90-2.06 / kg, $ 2.06-2.62 / kg and $ 3.65-5.55 / kg, respectively.

Similarly, the situation remained unchanged in countries that held the position of leader and outsider at prices for fresh herbs. So in Belarus prices for fresh parsley and dill reached $ 7.48 / kg, and for fresh cilantro – up to $ 8.42 / kg. IN Uzbekistanmeanwhile, these three categories, as before, were selling at prices from $ 0.42 / kg.


The fresh basil segment remained stable only in Moldova, where prices for these products averaged $ 15.42 / kg. At the same time, in Belarus, market operators managed to raise the average price by one third to $ 18.71 / kg, while in Ukraine and the Russian Federation prices, on the contrary, decreased slightly. So, in the Ukrainian market, basil fell in price to $ 16.85-20.06 / kg, and in Russia sellers adjusted prices to $ 12.53-19.04 / kg.

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