Freezing in the second half of March in Moldova did not cause significant damage to the cherry orchards

Freezing in the second half of March in Moldova did not cause significant damage to the cherry orchards


On some plantations, especially in the central regions of Moldova, the buds of cherry trees froze

Agronomists of a number of horticultural agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Moldova claim that frosts of minus 5-6 degrees Celsius at night, observed twice during the past and this week, caused concern about the condition of individual apple orchards (variety “Gala”) and many cherry orchards. Surveys showed that on individual plantations, especially in the central regions of the country, the buds of cherry trees froze. Among the most affected, according to gardeners – “Skin” and “Cordia”, as well as some other, especially self-pollinated varieties. This will probably affect the productivity of the gardens. However, the situation is far from critical, the level of losses will be significantly lower than, for example, in Italy (where, as EastFruit reported, frosts in certain regions probably killed up to 80% of the crop).

Moreover, by the middle of this week, the temperature regime in Moldova is gradually equalizing, frosts are no longer forecasted at the beginning of next week.

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Heads of large cherry producing farms claim that they intend to invest in prevention and care of plantations without hesitation, given at least the possibility of exporting 1 thousand tons of these fruits to the European Union as part of a duty-free quota (in 2020 it was granted to RM for the first time). In Moldova, there are more than a dozen producers of cherries with Global G.A.P. certificates. and GRASP, the two largest of which have sorting lines for these fruits. The leaders of these enterprises claim that this year they plan to enter the European market for sweet cherries, and immediately into its premium segment, and have preliminary agreements with traders in this regard.

According to expert estimates, as of 2019, the total area of ​​cherry orchards in Moldova reached 5.1 thousand ha, including 3.9 thousand ha of fruit-bearing ones. Last year, the harvest of cherries in the country amounted to about 12 thousand tons.


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