For a year onions in Ukraine and Tajikistan have fallen in price by one and a half times. Market Review Week 37 of 2020

For a year onions in Ukraine and Tajikistan have fallen in price by one and a half times. Market Review Week 37 of 2020


The most significant rates of decline in onion prices over the year were recorded in Ukraine and Tajikistan. Products fell slightly less significantly in Moldova and Poland

According to EastFruit, at the moment, almost everywhere in the countries monitoring the project, onion prices are kept at levels that are significantly lower than last year, and the most significant reduction in the cost of production is noted in Ukraine, Tajikistan and, to a lesser extent, Moldova and Poland.

Onion price performance as of Sep 11, 2020

The cheapest onions in the European part of monitoring are still offered in Ukraine… Here in the capital, sellers at the end of the reporting period were ready to sell their products at $ 0.10-0.14 / kg, and in the main production regions even lower prices of $ 0.09-0.10 / kg were most often recorded. Compared to last year, onion in Ukraine has fallen in price by almost half, and a similar rate of decline in prices was recorded only in Tajikistan, where onions are offered from $ 0.08 / kg, and prices for quality products reach $ 0.10 / kg. Note also that on the market Of Uzbekistan, another representative of Central Asia, now prices are slightly higher than in Tajikistan ($ 0.10-0.17 / kg), and onion prices here have fallen in price by only 9% over the year.

Meanwhile, in Moldova onions since September 2019 have become cheaper on average by a third, and in Poland prices for the same period fell by a quarter. At the moment, in Moldova sellers of onion sell their products at $ 0.18-0.24 / kg, while in Poland the highest prices for onion are still held from all countries included in the regular monitoring of the project. Now in Poland this product can be purchased at $ 0.19-0.29 / kg.

Onion prices as of Sep 11, 2020

Prices are also adjusted to the level of the Polish market in Georgia… Here the price range at the end of the week was quite wide: low-quality products were offered at $ 0.16 / kg, and onion prices above average could reach $ 0.29 / kg. In general, onions in Georgia are now 16% cheaper than in the same period of the previous year.

The lowest annual rates of decline in onion prices in the European part of the project monitoring are currently recorded in Belarus and Of Russia, and in the first, prices in dollars were almost comparable to last year: $ 0.19-0.23 / kg. On the Russian market, prices are now holding down to $ 0.16 / kg, although low-quality products dropped slightly in price to $ 0.11 / kg over the week. In comparison with the previous year, onion prices in Russia fell by 14%.

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