Food enterprises resume work in Georgia

Food enterprises resume work in Georgia


After a medical examination of employees, their equipment and compliance with proper sanitary and hygienic standards in Georgia, Marneuli Food Factory LLC was resumed

Marneulsky Food Factory LLC, part of the Margebeli holding, resumed its work on March 24 after a one-day break.

In Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities of the Kvemo Kartli region (Eastern Georgia), under the state of emergency in the country due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), strict quarantine restrictions were introduced on March 23. In this regard, the plant suspended its work on the same day. No agricultural work was carried out on the holding lands in this region.

“We received permission from the Ministry of Agriculture, and after a medical examination of employees, their equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the observance of proper sanitary and hygienic standards on the territory of the plant, we resumed its work,” said Avtandil Svimonishvili, founder of Margebeli holding, to multimedia to

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According to Avtandil Svimonishvili, there will be no shortage of products at the Marneuli Food Factory due to restrictions on the transport of goods from the territory of these municipalities on the country’s market, since products obtained from the processing of last year’s crop are stored in warehouses in Tbilisi.

“As for the prices of products, we have not made any adjustments so far, however, presumably, this will be inevitable, since the prices of packaging materials are completely“ tied ”to the foreign exchange rate,” he said.

Marneulsky Food Factory LLC, founded in 2007, today produces about 60 types of products – sauces, marinades, jams, preserves, etc., which are sold both on the local and export markets. The plant uses exclusively Georgian raw materials: part of it is supplied to the plant by Marneuli Agro, also part of the holding, and the other part is purchased from local farmers.


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