Fall Creek Berry Releases Five New Blueberry Varieties and Changes Customer Experience

Fall Creek Berry Releases Five New Blueberry Varieties and Changes Customer Experience


The new varieties include four varieties developed for regions with medium and high levels of cold, and another for climates with low levels of cold

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, the world leader in blueberry breeding, shared the latest interesting news that encourages those berry growers who are constantly looking for the best varieties with the best properties.

EastFruit experts note that this issue of selection of new varieties does not yet concern gardeners east of the European Union very much, since here blueberries are still a definite novelty, and farmers are actively expanding the plantations of these berries using already popular and proven varieties. In terms of the rate of expansion of blueberry plantations, Ukraine has become one of the world leaders. But for gardeners from Poland, this issue is already very relevant, given the higher level of competition in the market.

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery will release five new blueberry varieties this month with a new licensing option for commercial growers. At the end of 2019, the company officially launched The Fall Creek Collection, a new offer on genetics and blueberry services that provides producers with a guaranteed assortment of blueberry varieties for different climatic conditions, as well as training services on growing technology and technical support for gardening through applied research and participation in the process. special teams of technical consultants.

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New varieties whose names are under consideration include four developed for regions with medium and high levels of cold, and another for climates with low levels of cold.

The original varieties already in the collection include three types for a warm climate, that is, with no cold levels – AtlasBlue, BiancaBlue and JupiterBlue. They have been tried in Mexico, Peru, Iberia, and Morocco and selected for their superior berry quality. Initial commercial evaluation of these varieties in regions with low cold yields promising results.

“The Fall Creek Collection is the first global ecosystem of genetics and services for all blueberry climates,” said Co-CEO Cort Brazelton. “The model is built in such a way as to optimize the flexibility and independence of professional growers and marketers who want to have confidence in planning future business development while reducing the risk of introducing new varieties of blueberries into production.”

At a time when access to better blueberry genetics is becoming more expensive and limited for berry growers, the company said the new collection offers ease of access along with increased technical involvement and flexibility for the future-oriented blueberry business. The payment structure is simple and subscription based.

“We are investing in expanding the team and providing significant improvements to technical information and guidelines for optimizing these varieties,” said Jason Walcott, sales director. “Wherever you grow blueberries, we have new genetics that you can study.”

Licensees from the Fall Creek collection can rely on access to current and new varieties, as well as a list of future innovations from genetic programs with high, medium, low levels of cold and for a warm climate.

“As our global applied research initiatives expand, the Fall Creek Collection licensees will not only have access to demonstration and test sites, but also the ability to evaluate new products and those already selected that are being introduced into commercial production,” said the Director of product development Matt Kramer.

“Growing in a real business and on a large scale will allow us to identify technologies that will identify the best of each variety, to optimize the yield and quality characteristics of blueberries after harvesting while reducing harvesting costs.”

In a business environment where innovation is in high demand, the risk of introducing new varieties for blueberry growers is constantly growing. “Our goal at Fall Creek is to continually strive to reduce this risk for our manufacturing customers,” said Brazelton. “We are here to help accelerate the introduction of new varieties and innovations so that professional growers can be protected, while the offer for consumers have been constantly improving. ”


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