Export of Ukrainian apple in the new season will support prices in the domestic market – Alexander Khorev

Export of Ukrainian apple in the new season will support prices in the domestic market – Alexander Khorev


In turn, possible problems with exports will lead to a significant reduction in the price of Ukrainian apples.

Despite the two waves of spring frosts that have already taken place in Ukraine this year, producers have a chance to harvest a larger apple crop than in 2019, when the country recorded a record low yield and a significant amount of second-class fruits were harvested. This was stated by the head of the project “APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits” Alexander Horev Today at the First International Apple Online Conference of the EastFruit Project Apple Predictions.

The conference was organized with the support of FAO and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA), the international analytical project Fruit-Inform and the FARM Federation of Agricultural Producers of Moldova.

“This year, harvesting areas remain at the same level as last year. In addition to this, new orchards that were planted 3-5 years ago are also bearing fruit. Given this fact, apple harvesting in 2020 has every chance of growing,” said Alexander Khorev .

At the same time, a market specialist noted that an increase in apple harvest, respectively, increases supply on the Ukrainian market, including export supply.

“In this case, there are two options for the development of the Ukrainian apple market. The first is that if there are problems with export due to trade restrictions due to coronavirus, the apple will be offered on the domestic market. In this case, a significant reduction in price will occur. The second option is that the bulk of the Ukrainian apple will be exported. This will support the prices that producers will receive for their goods both in the domestic and foreign markets, “said s project “APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits”.

He also expressed the opinion that the current season, Ukrainian producers “complete perfectly.” “Despite the decline in harvest in 2019, everyone says that they have (apple producers – Eastfruit) there were no sales problems – we even managed to sell second-class products that were actively taken for sale by supermarkets, without putting forward special quality requirements, since there were few apples, ”the specialist explained.

He also noted that while the year before last, the geography of Ukrainian apple exports amounted to just over 20 countries, then last season, despite a threefold decrease in apple exports from Ukraine, the country exported it to 35 countries.

“The expansion of sales markets gives hope that the growth of apple supply in Ukraine will, accordingly, allow it to be sold more in the markets of other countries,” said Alexander Khorev.

During an online conference, he shared his vision of the development of the apple market in the upcoming season and Vasily Kuz, export manager of the farm “Gadz” (Ukraine), which is engaged in growing apples in orchards on a total area of ​​600 hectares.

“Our annual harvest is about 20 thousand tons. This spring, about 25% of the trees in our garden were affected by frosts. Nevertheless, we plan to harvest the harvest at the level of last year – we really hope that in the future we will do without” surprises “of weather, mainly hail, “said Vasily Kuz.

The producer also expressed the opinion that the price of an apple this year will be at the previous level, “or it will increase by a few cents.”

At the same time, speaking about export prospects, Vasily Kuz noted that the Middle East was the main export market for his company last season.

“This season we are in touch with our partners from this region of the world. They express interest in acquiring the Gala apple,” said Vasily Kuz.


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