Excess pink tomato on the Ukrainian market begins to put pressure on prices

Excess pink tomato on the Ukrainian market begins to put pressure on prices


As a result of the oversupply, prices for pink tomato were even lower than for red.

According to EastFruit analysts, today in Ukraine the supply of greenhouse tomatoes has sharply increased. The supply growth has been observed over the past two days, but it was especially sharp during the morning trade on June 17, 2020 in the country’s wholesale markets, when a lot of manufacturers and intermediaries brought their own products.

The situation is especially difficult with pink tomatoes – they are disproportionately offered, so the prices for it turned out to be lower than even for red. In the morning, wholesale prices for pink tomato dropped to 10-15 UAH / kg for real transactions (37-56 US cents per kg). Even for red they gave 14-16 UAH / kg (52-60 cents). Yellow tomato was sold the most – at 15-17 UAH / kg (56-63 cents). True, closer to dinner, prices increased by 3-4 UAH / kg, but trade volumes decreased.

Despite the falling prices, wholesalers’ activity is assessed as low. All farmers say that the abundance of offers prevents them from selling. Almost all purchasers, after even a very reasonable price for a tomato has been announced, begin to bargain to bring it down even more. Many succeed, especially if the manufacturer is in a hurry to sell products.

Recall that the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA) with the support of EastFruit launched a trading platform to promote the sale of products of Ukrainian producers UkrOpt. Therefore, promotion on this site can increase sales chances. Also today we published material on the rules of successful sales on Telegram platforms, but they will also be relevant for Viber.

Recall that in recent years, Ukraine has shown a steady tendency to reduce the export of fresh greenhouse tomatoes, while increasing their imports. Tomato exports from Ukraine in 2019 reached a minimum level of 15 thousand tons. And import, on the contrary, was a record for the last six years – 55.4 thousand tons.


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