Early potatoes are getting cheaper, and last year’s carrots are getting more expensive. Market review for the 19th week of 2020.

Early potatoes are getting cheaper, and last year’s carrots are getting more expensive. Market review for the 19th week of 2020.


Early potato prices were declining, and carrots from the 2019 harvest were getting pretty expensive everywhere.

Potato harvest 2020

This week, due to the widespread increase in the supply of potatoes of a new crop, in most countries included in the regular monitoring of the East-Fruit project, prices for these products continued to decline.

Early potato prices as of May 08, 2020

Ukraine at the end of the week, it retained the status of the country with the highest prices for potatoes of the 2020 harvest, although they nevertheless declined somewhat in its results. At the end of the reporting period, local producers had to push prices down to $ 0.93-1.49 / kg.

Early potatoes were sold in a slightly narrower range. Moldova ($ 0.96-1.07 / kg), where the supply of domestic products has significantly increased this week. At the same time, there was also a potato imported from Macedonia on the market, which was offered in the minimum price range.

The most active rate of decline in early potato prices this week was observed in Georgia. Here, these products fell in price at least one and a half times, the average price fell one and a half times to 0.63 / kg, and prices fell most significantly in the minimum limits of the price range. So, due to bad weather conditions, those local farmers who did not have time to harvest potatoes had to cut their product prices by half to $ 0.38 / kg.

Meanwhile in Of Russia and Poland, the 2020 potato also fell in price, although only by a few cents per kg. At the end of the week, it was possible to purchase early products from Egypt and Turkey on the Russian market at prices from $ 0.39 / kg. At the same time, the supply of early potatoes imported from Azerbaijan also significantly increased in Russia, the prices of which reached $ 0.53 / kg to their maximum limits. AT Poland while the early production of Cyprus or Greece fell somewhat to $ 0.40-0.66 / kg.

Early potato prices also declined Uzbekistan up to $ 0.35-0.59 / kg, and in the neighboring Tajikistan on the contrary, they grew to $ 0.68-0.88 / kg. AT Belarus Potatoes harvested in 2020 could be purchased at $ 0.61-0.69 / kg.

Potato harvest 2019

The situation in the segment of last year’s potato was more stable, and the main changes in the market were recorded in Central Asia and Georgia.

Potato prices as of May 08, 2020

So, despite the reduction in price of the 2019 crop production, its prices in Georgia and Tajikistan still remained the highest of all East-Fruit monitoring countries. At the end of the week, last year’s potatoes could be bought on the Tajik market at $ 0.52-0.61 / kg, while prices on the Georgian market ranged between $ 0.38-0.41 / kg. AT Uzbekistan, meanwhile, they completely collapsed to $ 0.28-0.35 / kg.

As before, the cheapest products were offered in the markets. Belarus and Of Russia: $ 0.16-0.29 / kg and $ 0.19-0.31 / kg, respectively. Last year’s potato sellers asked in Poland: $ 0.22-0.31 / kg Even more expensively, the 2019 crop was Ukraine and Moldova: $ 0.26-0.33 / kg in the Ukrainian market and $ 0.28-0.39 / kg in the Moldavian market.


Unlike the previous week, carrot prices at the end of the reporting period increased in most countries monitoring the project.

Carrot prices as of May 08, 2020

The sharpest rise in price of carrots for the current week was reported by market participants Georgiawhere prices reached $ 0.44-0.50 / kg. Also quite actively these products became more expensive in Poland. At the end of the reporting period, Polish sellers of last year’s carrots managed to raise prices to $ 0.24-0.36 / kg. AT Ukraine and Belarus growth rates were less substantial, and prices rose to $ 0.15-0.17 / kg and $ 0.16-0.29 / kg, respectively.

Meanwhile in Of Russia and Moldova the situation remained relatively stable, and it was possible to purchase carrots, as before, on average at $ 0.23 / kg on the Russian market and $ 0.28 / kg on the Moldavian market.

The carrots of the previous harvest also went up a little. Tajikistan, rising in price to $ 0.10-0.15 / kg, while prices for new crop products remained at the level of $ 0.29-0.34 / kg.

AT Uzbekistan sellers of early products managed to sell it more expensive, and carrots of the previous crop, on the contrary, fell in price: $ 0.39-0.49 / kg and $ 0.07-0.09 / kg, respectively.

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