Drip Irrigation Helps Kazakh Farmers Increase Onion Yields

In the Zhambyl region (Republic of Kazakhstan), where 75% of the total volume of Kazakh onions is grown, more than 1 million tons of this crop were harvested with an average yield of 529.8 c / ha. Also, a high yield of onions was obtained in the Almaty region, ElDala.kz reports.

In the Zhambyl region this year, onion areas occupied 24.5 thousand hectares, 2 thousand hectares more than last year, the press service of the regional akim said.

Over the past 5 years, the sown area of ​​this crop has increased by 10 thousand hectares. The yield per hectare is also growing. For example, in 2019 the average yield was 273.4 c / ha, in 2020 – 306.7 c / ha. A good harvest was harvested in the region this year as well.

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Water-saving technologies are used on 17 thousand hectares of onions.

Onions from the region are exported to the Russian Far East and to the countries of the European Union. For example, last year, 33 thousand tons of onions were exported, and 581 thousand tons were sent to other regions of the country.

In turn, the akimat of the Almaty region reported that the farmers of the Shengeldin massif near Kapshagai also received a good harvest of onions this year. Dutch varieties are grown on peasant farms. This year, the farmers of Kapshagai harvested about 85 thousand tons of onions from 1,700 hectares of sown areas with an average yield of 506.3 c / ha.

In total, about 50 peasant farms are engaged in onion cultivation in this region, many of which use drip irrigation. Vegetable growers of one of these farms in the current year, as in the past, expect to receive 600 centners per hectare.