Digital agro-library started working in Moldova

Media platform in partnership with USAID APM, Tekwill project – USAID and Sweden launched the first digital agricultural library, which will provide young people studying agricultural specialties, farmers, and other participants in the agricultural sector with reliable sources of information about modern production technologies included in guides and guides, according to MOLDPRES.

Development Director of, Luminitsa Krivoy noted that the library is an accessible platform for all, into which manuals and guidebooks, developed by the best specialists in the country and abroad, will be integrated.

“Each user will be able to download the necessary information and find similar publications depending on the chosen topic,” said Krivoy.

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The use of digital technologies is a prerequisite for effective knowledge sharing in the modern agricultural sector, and online access to information is especially important in conditions of mobility and limited physical contacts due to COVID-19.

“Continuing education and the introduction of new agricultural practices and innovative technologies are essential elements for the development and maintenance of a successful agricultural business. To this end, USAID, in partnership with the initiative, has developed an agricultural digital library that will become a safe platform for access to agricultural information and educational materials for a wide audience in Moldova – farmers, youth, academia and the diaspora who are interested in developing business in the country. … We are delighted that more development partners and local organizations have joined this initiative, and the amount of educational resources available to farmers and students is constantly growing. We are convinced that the online agricultural library will become a valuable digital tool for the agricultural sector in Moldova and will help accelerate innovation and use of the latest technologies in this sector, ”the head of the USAID mission in Moldova emphasized.

Statistics show that over 850,000 Moldovans work in agriculture and generate about 13% of the country’s GDP annually.