Dear cherries, cheaper berries and early vegetables – top news for the weekend

Dear cherries, cheaper berries and early vegetables – top news for the weekend


The most important weekend news – in one review

To be fully equipped from the very beginning of the week, we will analyze the independent market information. Only the main thing – without water!

Sweet cherry is in no hurry to get cheaper – Uzbekistan has logistic problems due to coronavirus. But in Moldova, the price of cherries is already lower than in Uzbekistan. But apricot is offered in large volumes, so prices are falling everywhere. More details here.

By the way, we wrote about the logistical problems of Central Asia in the material about other stone fruits. Plum has ripened in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and there are already export lots. But there is a problem with drivers crossing borders – among them, cases of covid19 infection have become more frequent. Read more about this here.

Despite the cold weather, strawberries became cheaper almost everywhere. Imported blueberries rose sharply in price in the Russian Federation, but fell in price in other countries. And we started to monitor the price of raspberries. Read the price overview here.

Onions of a new crop reshape the situation in the markets. In Ukraine, prices fell almost twice in just one week. Central Asia is actively filling its markets with goods, despite transport difficulties. A complete overview of the onion market is here.

The price of an apple simply has nowhere else to go but to grow. Consumption is declining as the market is filled with berries and stone fruits, apple stocks are declining, and true apple lovers are willing to pay more. For a detailed market overview, click here.

By the way, if you missed the Apple Predictions conference – it doesn’t matter – you can watch it at a convenient time on our YouTube channel in the recording. If you have any questions, write them in the comments – we will answer them promptly. Conference recording is available at this link.

Early potato, displaces last year’s potato. True, these are different products, so when the early one becomes cheaper, the old potato harvest of 2019, in some countries, even grows in price. Similar trends in carrot pricing. Details here.

Greenhouse tomatoes became cheaper in all countries, and cucumber rose in price in Russia. Why and what trends were in other countries, our analysts know. See review here.

Greens prices were mostly stable, but dill fell sharply in Georgia. Read more in the review.


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