Coronavirus helped – gardeners of Ukraine hit the apple jackpot in the past season

Coronavirus helped – gardeners of Ukraine hit the apple jackpot in the past season


Apple crop losses in the 2019/20 season were offset by rising prices

Gardeners in Ukraine are happy with the past season, as apple prices were very high. During the webinar “Prospects for the fruit and vegetable season-2020/21 in Ukraine”, organized by the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project, Yaroslav Fedorishin, deputy director of Bukovinsky Garden LLC, said that those who were not afraid to leave the apple in storage until the end May and even the beginning of June, they were able to disrupt the real price jackpot, as apple prices already exceed 30 UAH / kg.

He also notes that coronavirus has made significant adjustments to the market situation. “The population bought the apple more actively, since it could be stored at home for a long time. In Ukrainian supermarkets, apples immediately sharply went up in price with the beginning of the picture. However, no one expected that consumption would grow so sharply that in May there would be almost no apples in storage at all. The same factor will affect apple prices in the 2020/21 season, ”said Yaroslav Fedorishin.

According to the expert, the apple yield losses in the 2019/20 season were offset by an increase in the price of it. This came in handy, given the extremely low prices a year earlier, when the absolute record for apple production was recorded in Ukraine. Then, starting in August, apple and canteen prices and industrial prices were record low. At the same time, the quality of the apple was also excellent, and the demand was minimal. Many gardeners did not even pick the apple, believing that at such prices they would only lose money on cleaning.

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“All fruit storages were jammed with an apple, and there were not enough storages. But at the end of the 2018/19 season, the remaining apple was still insufficient to provide for the domestic market, as everyone was in a hurry to sell the apple. Even in the spring, apple concentrate plants in Ukraine continued to work actively, and many were in a hurry to hand over the apple for processing, so as not to dispose of it later. However, apple prices rose in May, and you could make good money by selling it on the domestic market, ”says Mr. Fedorishin.

In 2019, the weather made adjustments – the apple crop in Ukraine fell sharply due to frost. Frosts reduced the yield potential by 10-15%, but the worst was then. in spring and summer there were a lot of hail cases, as a result of which the yield loss of apples and pears increased sharply.

Therefore, at the very beginning of the 2019/20 season, not all gardeners could completely fill their own vaults. However, the low price of the previous season, according to Yaroslav, mentally pressed manufacturers. Therefore, they sold the apple cheaper than they could sell, and only with the beginning of quarantine could they raise prices to an acceptable level.

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