Cooperative “Hutsul Gazdy” (Ukraine) will collect and process berries and mushrooms

Cooperative “Hutsul Gazdy” (Ukraine) will collect and process berries and mushrooms


USAID DOBRE program allocated $ 35 thousand for the purchase of equipment necessary for the cooperative for storing and processing berries and vegetables

In August 2020, an agricultural cooperative was launched in the Beloberezskaya OTG (Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine). The locals decided to do business by picking blueberries and mushrooms. The initiative is very necessary, because there are few jobs in the region.

The main problems here are not unique: most people travel abroad because there is no work. The locals live mainly on green tourism.

Not so long ago, an agricultural cooperative “Hutsul Gazdy” was created here, which is supposed to help local people with work. tells about it with reference to “Reporter”.

The total cost of the project is UAH 1.5 million. It is being implemented with the support of the USAID DOBRE program. The program allocated $ 35 thousand for the purchase of equipment: chambers for preliminary storage of berries, shock freezing and storage of finished products, infrared drying and a vegetable cutter.

While six of its members will work in the cooperative, three more are to be registered soon. Subsequently, they plan to involve other local residents in the work. The plans include about 30 jobs in the processing of berries, another hundred people can be involved in the collection.

“This is in perspective, because this year is not a very good harvest of blueberries,” says the chairman of the cooperative Vasily Lazorik. – Most of the berries were picked still green. In 2019, there was also a poor harvest, but this year it was another 25% less.

Also a problem with mushrooms – the forest is dry, rain is needed. It will be seen how it goes further, it all depends on the weather. There are plans to collect medicinal herbs. They can be harvested during flowering, and processed and packaged in winter. ”

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The berries are planned to be sold to entrepreneurs; there have already been negotiations with Lviv and Lutsk firms. How to deal with independent collectors, who come to the territory of the community even from the neighboring Chernivtsi region, do not yet know. Most likely, they will offer people to sell the harvested blueberries to the cooperative – right on the spot.


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