Cooperative “Chorkuh” (Tajikistan) has established cooperation with vegetable processors

Cooperative “Chorkuh” (Tajikistan) has established cooperation with vegetable processors


Farmers of the Chorkuh cooperative plan to receive 700-800 centners of high-quality tomatoes from each hectare

This year, 30 hectares of irrigated land were allocated for sowing tomatoes by the Chorkuh seed production cooperative in Isfara (Tajikistan). Farmers plan to get 700-800 quintals of quality products from each hectare.

Most of it will be delivered to the Isfara cannery, with which the cooperative has a cooperation agreement. Under the contract, processors help the economy during the planting period with fuels and lubricants, mineral fertilizers. The cooperative, in turn, supplies part of the grown products for processing to the plant.

In addition to tomatoes, this year the seed farm allocated another 125 hectares for growing potatoes. Last year, the yield of each hectare averaged 282 centners. Now, through the use of modern agricultural techniques, improving crop care, members of the cooperative plan to get at least 300 centners of tubers per hectare.

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Seed cooperative “Chorkuh” is multidisciplinary and also specializes in growing seed wheat. This season, 80 hectares of land have been allocated for wheat cultivars of the elite, Krasnodar, and Moscow varieties, from which farmers plan to obtain 70 centners of high-quality seed. For many years, the Chorkuh cooperative has been providing them with grain farms in Tajikistan.

In addition, the cooperative significant areas are allocated for growing onions, turnips, cabbage, rice, and gardeners grow apricots, apples, pears. The cooperative’s products are in high demand not only among domestic consumers, but also among consumers from near and far abroad countries.


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