Chokeberry of local production appeared in shops of Moldova

Chokeberry of local production appeared in shops of Moldova


This year, chokeberry began to be sold also in fruit and vegetable stalls and even in individual market chains.

By the end of August, the last collection of black chokeberry (chokeberry) berries will be completed in Moldova. In Moldova, there are about 50 hectares of plantations of this agricultural crop, the yield from them is estimated at around 100 tons. According to the members of the Pomușoarele Moldovei Berry Producers Association, “chokeberry has already grown out of the narrow niche of bazaars and weekend fairs, this year it has also begun to be sold through fruit and vegetable kiosks and even separate market chains”.

In organized stationary retail, the price of fresh chokeberry is relatively democratic – 30-33 lei / kg ($ 1.81-2.0 / kg), the wholesale price ranges from 24-28 lei / kg ($ 1.45-1.69 / kg ) depending on the size of the lot, form of payment (cash or transfer), tax burden (participants in the transaction may or may not be VAT payers).

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Pomușoarele Moldovei argues that chokeberry – along with other berries such as yoshta and goji – is part of a strategy to expand the range of niche superfood products for the domestic market. In just a few years, if measured by the area planted, chokeberry plantations have grown on a par with plantations of such traditional Moldova berries as, for example, gooseberries. In the past few years, the demand for chokeberry has been growing.

This year, out of fear of a pandemic and hoping to boost immunity, consumers are trying to stockpile healthy and vitamin-rich foods for the cold season. However, low purchasing power plays the role of a severe limiting factor in this process. Otherwise, the price of niche berries, especially those suitable for processing and long-term storage, would probably rise. Moreover, only local chokeberry is still represented on the domestic market, there is almost no competition.

In Moldova, chokeberry, like many other berries, is quite actively used for canning. However, chokeberry-based products have not outgrown the “show” format. Their manufacturers do not have the knowledge or the tools to develop standards or specifications for these products that would be their “pass” to the store shelves.


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