Chinese garlic in Russian chains will be replaced with products from other countries

Chinese garlic in Russian chains will be replaced with products from other countries


Russian producers provide only about 10% of the domestic garlic market

Russian retail chains do not suffer from a shortage of garlic; in case of supply disruptions due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus in China, its supply can be replaced by imports from other countries. So says the head of Rusprodsoyuz Dmitry Vostrikov, writes Fruit-inform.

“At the moment, there is no garlic deficiency due to coronavirus in retail chains. Deliveries are in regular mode in stable batches. In the event of a complete cessation of the supply of Chinese garlic to the Russian market, retailers will try to replace the falling volumes with supplies from other countries, ”he said.

According to Vostrikov, garlic, which is sold in Russia, is 90% imported, and Russian producers so far provide only about 10% of the domestic garlic market.

“The largest supplier of garlic to Russia is China. According to the results of 11 months of 2019, the supply volume of this type of product exceeded 33.7 thousand tons and $ 47.9 million, respectively. Iran is second in terms of garlic imports (6.7 thousand tons and $ 9.9 million, respectively), Egypt is third (4.7 thousand tons and $ 6.8 million), ”he explained.

The average price of garlic in retail, the head of Rusprodsoyuz noted, is stable today and amounts to about 230 rubles. per kg

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“Such dynamics is comparable with the average of last year,” the expert noted.

According to the general director of the My Leto group of companies, which specializes in the production of fresh vegetables and mushrooms, Vagif Bikulov, in 2019 the total volume of garlic exported by China amounted to 53 thousand tons, of which about 38 thousand tons were delivered to the Russian market . Now, according to him, there is no garlic shortage in Russia and no problems with its import are expected.

“In case of interruptions in Chinese supplies, there is a chance that garlic from chain stores will disappear for a while. Countries such as Egypt, Uzbekistan, Argentina or Spain can become alternative suppliers that will also help replenish imports from China, ”said Bikulov.


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