British supermarkets refuse to sell bananas in plastic bags

Morrisons is the first supermarket chain in the UK to phase out bananas in bulk in an effort to reduce the use of plastic in all of its stores. Morrisons now uses paper tapes to package bananas, writes FruitNews based on Freshfruitportal.

Morrisons went through a 12-week test period before deciding to ditch the plastic banana bags, during which the banana bags were replaced with paper strips. During this time, the chain stores managed to abandon the use of 2 million plastic bags. A complete move away from plastic packaging for bananas means Morrisons will reduce its use of single-use bags by 45 million units per year, and reduce the use of plastic by 180 tons per year.

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“Bananas have their own packaging – their peels. They also grow in clusters, they do not need to be collected together. Therefore, a simple, durable paper tape is an ideal alternative. Banana quality was not compromised during the tests, so the transition from plastic to paper packaging is no problem, ”said Elio Biondo, a banana purchaser for the Morrisons supermarket chain.

Photo: Freshfruitportal