Boom in construction of walnut processing enterprises in Georgia

Boom in construction of walnut processing enterprises in Georgia


Starting from the next season, Georgia will be able to process about 3,000 tons of walnuts per season

According to EastFruit, the largest intensive walnut orchard in Georgia was laid by Agrovia on an area of ​​165 hectares, and it is located in Gurjaani, Kakheti (Eastern Georgia). All 165 hectares are occupied by the Chandler variety, which has been planted in stages since 2015. However, this year the area of ​​the garden will reach 210 hectares, as this year the company plans to plant another 65 hectares of intensive walnut orchard.

However, manufacturers do not forget about processing – according to the founder of the company Giorgi Meskhidze, in a few weeks the Spanish Obreo line will be installed for splitting and processing walnuts, right down to packaging. Agrovia plans to use the equipment for processing nuts of the current year harvest, which is expected in the amount of 80-100 tons. The capacity of the equipment is 500 tons per season, but the company plans to gradually increase the volume of processing capacity for walnuts to 1,500 tons per season.

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Another walnut processing plant is being built by the Imedi cooperative in Mtskheta, Shida Kartli region (Western Georgia). “Due to the pandemic, we did not manage to bring the equipment from France on time, so we will finish the installation only by November. But by the next season, the company will be able to provide cleaning, drying, splitting and sorting of walnuts at a rate of 5 tons per hour, ”said Mikhail Avaliani, who also owns the six-year-old Chandler walnut garden on an area of ​​25 hectares in the village of Mukhrani, to EastFruit. This year, the farmer plans to harvest about 20 tons of walnuts in his own garden.

According to EastFruit, the launch of several more processing plants is scheduled for 2021. Thus, starting from the next season in Georgia it will be possible to process about three thousand tons of walnuts per season.

Most of the intensive gardens in the country are relatively new, as they were established following the launch of the government’s Plant the Future program in 2014. Within the framework of the program, 2,808 hectares of intensive walnut orchards were established, which, according to the industry’s estimates, should provide more than 12.5 thousand tons of walnut harvest by 2025.

EastFruit previously wrote about the rapid development of the walnut sector in Georgia, as a result of which the country exported walnuts worth $ 1.4 million in 2019.

However, on the world market, Georgian nuts will need to compete in quality with experienced market players, who have well-developed not only cultivation, but also processing, packaging and marketing of walnuts. Therefore, many large Georgian walnut growers are thinking about their own processing. Unfortunately, we are not talking about serious investments in marketing yet.


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