Blueberry Breakthrough – Georgia breaks blueberry export record in 2020

Blueberry Breakthrough – Georgia breaks blueberry export record in 2020


Georgia may become one of the 25 largest blueberry exporters in the world in the next few years, if production develops at such a high pace

According to preliminary estimates of EastFruit analysts, Georgia by the end of 2020 can export about 630 thousand tons of fresh blueberries, which will be a new export record. The previous record was set in 2019 and was only 185 tons. Therefore, if the estimates turn out to be correct, it will be increased immediately by 3.4 times within one season!

“The sharp increase in the export of blueberries from Georgia is due to the growing consumption of this berry in Russia, despite the economic difficulties and lower incomes of the population. Naturally, export would have been impossible if not for the growth of production in Georgia itself, where the areas under this promising berry crop have been expanding for a long time. Accordingly, many plantations are now starting to bear fruit, and the supply of berries is growing, ”explains Andriy Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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By the way, it is interesting to note that such a promising direction for the export of Georgian blueberries, as supplies to the Middle East market – to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, this year has become less relevant. Against the background of an increase in production and export volumes, supplies to Saudi Arabia were not carried out at all, and exports to the UAE decreased seven times to just two tons. By the way, these supplies were included in our rating of the most significant events in the Georgian fruit and vegetable industry.

Thus, the share of Russia in supplies has reached almost 99%. And dependence on just one sales market is always a high risk. Therefore, it is obvious that Georgia needs to try to look for alternative sales markets, especially since the country has an excellent window of opportunity, since blueberries ripen here at the very end of the season for the supply of this berry from Spain and before the start of deliveries of blueberries from Ukraine, Romania and Poland …

“Given the transportability of blueberries, Georgia can supply this berry even to the EU markets. However, of course, the prices for blueberries in Russia in the coming years will be higher than in the EU, therefore, obviously, the diversification of export supplies of blueberries from Georgia will be possible only if access to the Russian market is lost, ”says Andrey Yarmak.

EastFruit analysts summarize that the country can become one of the 25 largest global blueberry exporters in the next few years, if production develops at such a high rate. And the fact that the successes in the export of blueberries, achieved in 2020, will attract new investors to this industry, is almost beyond doubt.

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