Berry prices rose in Russia and decreased in Ukraine. Fresh berries market overview for the 25th week of 2020

Prices for berries rose in Russia and decreased in Ukraine. Fresh berries market overview for the 25th week of 2020


Strawberry garden rose in price in Russia and Georgia, but fell in price in most other countries. In Ukraine, the supply of local raspberries, blueberries and blackberries has increased. Raspberry season kicked off in Moldova

Wild strawberry

According to EastFruit, this week in only two countries included in the regular monitoring of the project, there was an increase in prices for wild strawberries – in Russia and Georgia. In other markets, prices have generally declined.

Strawberry prices as of June 19, 2020

AT Of Russia gardeners in the southern regions increasingly reported the completion of the harvesting season for wild strawberries, and prices for local produce rose by a quarter to $ 2.15-3.59 / kg. In turn, importers also reduced the supply of berries from Turkey, Egypt and Serbia, which led to an increase in prices for imported products to $ 3.30-3.88 / kg.

AT Ukraine the supply of garden strawberries also shifted from southern regions to more northern ones, but this berry, on the contrary, fell in price by the end of the week. At the end of the reporting period, prices for Ukrainian garden strawberries reached $ 1.31-2.62 / kg.

The most significant rates of price decline this week were recorded in Poland, where at the end of the reporting period they offered the cheapest strawberry garden from all the countries included in EastFruit monitoring. Berries for the fresh market on the Polish market were already offered at $ 0.88-1.26 / kg, and for processing – at $ 0.56-1.01 / kg.

Prices for strawberry garden also decreased in Moldova and Belarusreaching $ 1.62-2.03 / kg and $ 1.68-2.94 / kg, respectively. Meanwhile in Georgiaon the contrary, this berry rose in price to an average of $ 1.98 / kg, and to its maximum extent, prices in the Georgian market reached $ 2.63 / kg.

AT Tajikistan after several weeks of price growth, garden strawberries fell in price again to $ 1.46-2.43 / kg. At the same time in Uzbekistan this berry could still be purchased at $ 1.18-1.97 / kg.


The blueberry market was marked by an increase in prices in Belarus and Russia, while in Ukraine the supply season for local products flared up with might and main, and prices fell.

Blueberry prices as of June 19, 2020

So, if a week earlier in the market Of Ukraine dominated by cheaper imported products, now local manufacturers have come to the fore. A week earlier, imported blueberries were offered here at $ 10.53-14.29 / kg, and prices for local berries reached $ 17 / kg. At the end of the reporting period, the supply of imported products fell to a minimum, and the Ukrainian berry fell in price to $ 11.21-14.95 / kg.

Meanwhile, imported blueberries rose slightly in Belarus and Of Russia, rising in price to $ 10.50-12.60 / kg and $ 15.37-23.99 / kg, respectively. Concerning Of Poland and Georgia, here local producers have so far managed to keep prices on their products. On the Polish market, blueberries could be purchased at $ 12.63-13.64 / kg, and in Georgia she, as before, was released on average at $ 4.94 / kg, although the low-quality berry fell somewhat to $ 3.95 / kg.


The raspberry season this week continued to gain momentum.

Raspberry prices as of June 19, 2020

So, the start of the picking season for this berry was reported by producers of berries from the northern regions Of Moldovaand prices for the first batch of raspberries ranged from $ 2.78-2.90 / kg. Farmers from Of Ukraine began the raspberry season at the end of last week, and during the reporting period, the supply grew almost daily, and prices fell. So, if last Friday the minimum price for Ukrainian raspberries was $ 8.60 / kg, then already in the middle of the week on average this berry was offered at $ 7.40 / kg, and closer to the weekend the average price fell to $ 5.60 / kg.

Meanwhile in Poland manufacturers managed to slightly increase prices to $ 7.07-8.59 / kg. Raspberry has risen in price and Tajikistan, where at the end of the week raspberries could be purchased already at $ 0.78-0.97 / kg. AT Georgia the average price of a local berry remained stable: 3.29 / kg. The most expensive raspberries, as before, were offered on the market Of Russia. Here, local manufacturers have not yet begun the supply season, exclusively imported products continued to remain on the market, and prices remained high and mostly declarative: $ 26.66-31.63 / kg.


Along with raspberries in Ukraine started and the season of local blackberry. The first relatively large batches of this berry on the Ukrainian market at the end of this week could be purchased at $ 7.47-9.34 / kg.

Blackberry prices as of June 19, 2020

Manufacturers of berries from Georgiaand the prices here were slightly lower than in the Ukrainian market: $ 4.94-6.59 / kg. AT Poland while farmers managed to maintain previous price levels: $ 9.60-10.10 / kg. AT Of Russia, as in the raspberry segment, blackberries have so far been represented by imported berries, offered at $ 28.93-33.37 / kg.

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